Gerbilarium Day Time Expansion FLOP


I haven’t had the time to really devote to making a tank topper for these guys. I was going to get the mesh, clips, and other things to make and accentuate a topper for their 40 gallon breeder. But I have tried to not spend so much on them anymore. I try to use what is around the house. I slip up and buy this or that but I try hard to make do with what I already have. And one of which is a 20 gallon breeder tank.

Crittertrail tubes are just made to chew through it seems. And plastic isn’t safe for gerbils (or hamsters) to accidentally ingest. So, I adjusted this to be just a day time expansion while we’re mostly home and downstairs. I had made a flap to close up the hole in the mesh cover and remove part of the tube that goes down into the 40 gallon before I go upstairs for the night.


They never braved through the entire tube. Yesterday they came so close. Especially Mercury. But today they spent half the morning not even paying attention to the tube. It’s not exactly their active time of the afternoon yet. Their most active time while we’re down here is early evening. Though they come out throughout the day to eat and drink and be creepers. (They watch us like we watch them).



If I ever could find a much  larger tank than this 40 gallon. I’m talking like a 75 gallon or so – for cheap (cheap for something of that size that is) and had the space when we move spring of next year – I would love to put the gerbils in the huge tank and use this set up for a Syrian. I’ve heard the Ovo tubes are wider and a Syrian might fit through them fine. Sometimes I miss having my hamsters in tanks. I just didn’t have large enough tanks for them before I settled on sizing up with bigger cages.

Tanks are also so heavy. And that was an issue for me being that I have SO many critters.

But tanks have such a clear view of our little friends. Cages are nice because of all the ability to attach things to the bars. So, I try to remind myself that that is why I decided on upgrading to larger cages to begin with for them. But one cannot deny the visual appeal of the tank for a rodent’s habitat.


WELL – edited to add and in conclusion…

So, after they awoke this late afternoon Mercury kept trying to give it a go but chickened out. I know he’d eventually do it though and enjoy it. However, Lennon only chews the opening. Then he would climb a little ways up and chew chew chew at the junctions. And not a little nibble. With a purpose. So, sadly that won’t work because of Lennon. If I only had Mercury this would work. Mercury chews but only what he needs to chew but Lennon is almost obsessive about chewing if you ask me. He can have a million options to chew and things to do – but still chew the plastic.

Well, perhaps that set up will work for a hamster. I still have hopes about either making a Detolf hack work for the gerbils or finding them a super large tank to upgrade them from the 40G.


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