Hammy art arrived and 3 videos.


Well, after getting over the disappointment with my failed gerbil expansion set up I did get happy mail! My hammy art by Christina Siravo from her Etsy Bluebirdie’s Bootique❤ I am so thrilled with it. It looks so cute on my bedroom shelf. Seriously guys – this makes me want to do artwork again. Such an inspiration.

Also, Snow got his Dip N Dive today:

And Penny likes the Laundry!

And because Strawberry has been so feisty and active lately I just can’t resist videoing little clips of his activities. I wish I could catch him rolling in his sand bath though. He does that flip on his back and the roll so quick and then it’s over.

Now I just await for my  “gerbils in hats” stickers also from etsy. For just a few bucks I will have almost 50 real life gerbils photo stickers with various types of hats on their heads. It’s the simple things really…at least I’ll probably get back into my snail mail letters to friends and pen pals just so I can use the stickers.


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