Bob is Taking Inventory (A Bob Video!)


And also on the schedule to post tonight! A Bob video!

So, it occurred to me I don’t do enough videos of Bob! And man do I adore this guy. Tonight I wanted to make better room for his Flying Saucer as he loves love loves going from it to the Wodent Wheel. I took it out for a week and he was going nuts wanting to get out constantly and even in the day light hours! Yikes! So, I put it back in tonight and to do so …as I said …I had to rearrange. I try not to do that often as it stresses out the hams. I definitely don’t do it after a cage clean. TOO MUCH. So I wait a week or so after a cage clean to do it. So, this is just a video of him taking inventory after being placed back in. Making sure all the duckies are in a row! (And for anyone stumbling onto the site and curious about Bob’s cage – it’s the Marchioro Kevin 82 or the USA Kevin 82. You can find it at and it’s the proper size for a Syrian one of the very few proper sized cages for Syrians you can find in this country. Bar spacing is 7mm so any species of hamster can safely live in it. It’s originally a mouse cage.


8 thoughts on “Bob is Taking Inventory (A Bob Video!)

      • He is so precious! Quick question…. Do you have something at the front near the door for him to stand on? Or do you just have the bedding very high? Just curious because I see how right in line with the door he seems but the Kevin82’s have pretty deep bases. I always have to play with everything because if I put too much bedding then the flying saucer hits the shelf above it. But if I don’t use enough then it seems really low at the door so I usually put something for the girlies to climb right there. Always loving the way your cages look!

    • That is my favorite too! He was making sure there wasn’t a treat in there which I sadly forgot to do!!!! He was like “Seriously? You come in here …move around all my stuff! And you don’t even leave me something for my trouble! The nerve!”

  1. Cute! Whee have a quick question, would you be able to do a post on things to think about if you would like a hamster? Mummy has fallen in love with one at a local rescue and it would be great to know what sort of things and space a hammy requires before she considers expanding our furmily!

    Nibbles, Nutty, Buddy & Basil

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