Gerbil Tank Topper a Hit!

I am SO happy. Today was a good day. I made a friend and her hammy happy but also I finished (well to a point finished) the tank topper for the gerbils. Scratches and puncture wounds and 3 days of wrestling with mesh, wire, pliers, and duct tape and here we go! (And two videos of it.)

Sorry for my crappy pictures. My external flash went out on my Canon and I misplaced the battery charger for my Nikon (we’re camera nerds in this house) so I’ve been using the iphone mostly.


Note: The pipe cleaner closures for the door is TEMPORARY – I have ordered springs to attach hooks to make a spring latch on both sides!


These were some seriously happy gerbils. Mercury in particular doesn’t know what to do with himself. He is up and down the mesh. Climbing up and down the platforms. Jumping in and down from the tube swing. He chewed the twine off and slid down the tube swing like a slide and Lennon – the obsessive chewer – went to work chewing the heck out of the tube. LOL. My husband sat back watching them this evening and cracking up. We’ve never seen them like this.

The bottom is now full substrate and driftwood. Now they can have at it down there. Foot loose and fancy free! The food, sand pot (their potty), and water bottles will be substrate free upstairs!

Here are two videos. The first is my voice talking about it.

And this one is with just music but it’s when they were first getting into the new digs!

Oh, obviously I decided I wasn’t fond of the duct tape from before. Or the height. I changed to my favorite decorative tape ever. And before that I did trim off a few inches of the height. What is coming up (if you don’t listen to me in the video) is the latches for the door. I have them on the way from Amazon. Spring latches. They don’t come with the hooks so I’ll make hooks with paperclips. Also, for looks and not to be jabbed I am waiting for the nickel moldings on the corners at the top and the aluminum dryer tube to possibly use to connect the levels. But right now the driftwood is doing the job as a ladder!

I am so proud. So happy. So triumphant. Seeing how enthralled they are with it makes my heart soar. It took so long for these gerbils to trust me. To not be terrified of people. To not run away every time I approached the tank. I have slowly but surely built up their trust and the more I do for them the more I see them appreciate it and come out of their shells. And this really pleases me!


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