Could not believe my eyes!

Well, let’s cut to the chase – there is a store called Bobby’s Bunny Boutique in Canada and they ship to the USA for what I feel is inexpensive shipping cost and alike that of shipping from within our own country.

I learned of this company from Chocolatecolors26 on Youtube when she was sharing her hamster haul.

If you are in the United States and have been envious of the wooden toys and houses for hamsters that they have in the UK – well, you might want to check out the Rodent section on this website.

I have ordered two of these Forest Wooden cottages (for Bob and Penny). I am exceptionally excited but even more so for my friend Kerri who has been seeking out these houses for her hamsters for AGES.


Then I ordered the Activity Assault Course for Penny


Then for Bob the Activity Climbing Tower:


Then the Woodsies Flower Garland for the Gerbils!

Flower Garland

And to just push my order to 75 to get free shipping as I was only a few dollars away I got this cute Christmas tree that a HC friend Tina had for her hammy and I am a sucker for Christmas and decorating for Christmas and wanted this cute thing so much! I wanted to get one for all my hamsters as it’s so cute and inexpensive but it all adds up so one will do for now. Perhaps in the future as there was one more item they had listed but was out of stock (The Activity Suspension Bridge) that I want for Penny’s cage so much.


I’d have gotten something more for the Gerbils but they chew so much wood that for the price it’s not worth the money. My hamsters gnaw a little on wood but not to the extent that gerbils do and would of course.

So, I expect that coming from Canada it might take a little longer to arrive. I am not sure WHERE in Canada it’s coming from which would make much of the difference in the shipping time. But coming from that youtuber I know they are a reputable company and I am grateful they keep UK products like this in stock and with affordable prices as well affordable shipping even had I not qualified for free shipping. And hey – they offer free shipping at all is something to be grateful of! Not all sites do that!

When it all arrives I will of course post about that and do another shout out for Bobby’s Bunny Boutique!!

Now …how to explain this to my husband after we established a budget! Oops.


6 thoughts on “Could not believe my eyes!

  1. OMG…Penny will be all over that Assult Activity Course!!:-). Thank you SO much for sending this website along to me…you know how craycray I’ve been for these things;-) lol

    • You were my first thought! I thought my heart stopped when I saw the house!!! I was OMFG! KERRI WILL FLIP! LOL.

      There was so much I wanted but stopped at toys. I’m sure I’ll be back there thought for treats. I loved all those treats!

  2. Thank you for posting about this! I can’t believe they even give US order free shipping! I love all the wood toys that the UKers have, now I can finally get my grubby hands on a few… XD

  3. I have been a client of Bobby’s Bunny Boutique for almost a year now. With six rabbits in the house, it is important that I receive quality products quickly and for a reasonable price. Bobby’s Bunny Boutique is FANTASTIC! I am glad you found the website, and I am sure your gerbils and hamsters were thrilled with their new toys!

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