April Shout Outs! Youtube Edition

So, something I’ve wanted to do for some time is shout outs for channels on YouTube or websites or blogs that I feel are informative about hamsters or fun while reflecting appropriate standards and care for hamsters. I’ve mentioned Erin’s Hamsters before when her account was hacked and she had to make another channel in the meantime as it was restored. So to clarify that she HAS resumed her original channel here you go:


Erin’s Hamsters channel is the entire package. She does informative hamster care, DIY toys and treats, etc, and adorable videos of her hamsters.



And Hopping Hammy!: This lady has some major awesome video editing skills. Her videos are like something from TLC or Bravo programming. Very cute, shiny, colorful upbeat videos that are a joy to watch.



And finally Chocolatecolors26: I am new to this channel but from the videos I’ve seen already there is great information about products and proper diets and toys and such.


So, if you are an avid Youtuber and you are here reading this blog because you obviously adore hamsters – then do check their channels out. Like. Subscribe. Share! We need more and more blogs, sites, and channels out there about proper care for our furry friends!


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