Gerbil Toys DIY & Embellishing & Other Gerbil Talk

strike the pose

These guys seriously love their new tank topper.

(note: obviously hamsters will enjoy these toys as well. Especially big chewers.)

Gerbils are so easy to please. Seriously. I’ve highlighted on my Gerbil Page about what the major, necessary needs for a happy gerbil are. But even with all that checked off your list you have intelligent and active creatures who just like people will get bored with the same ole same ole of their surroundings. They need toys! And the different the better. But that can get expensive because they are destructive!

I recommend purchasing a large roll of Sisal or hemp twine/rope from your local crafts store or and save your cardboard rolls. Whether that be toilet paper/loo rolls/kitchen paper towel rolls, and in my cage in this photo – a duct tape roll after the tape was used up. Wrap the twine around it well and secure it tight and pop it in there. You can do this with any cardboard in any shape. Or poke holes in a square of cardboard and run it through this and that hole and around the entire square. Be creative. This simple process is relaxing honestly. Nice repetitive motions. Simple, and when compared to online sisal toys – CHEAP.

sisal toy

Or you can purchase cheap bird toys like this paper box one separated with wood cubes and dangling by sisal rope from Doctor Foster and Smith for 2 bucks or you can examine the toy as I did and make your own boxes with hard paper or cardboard to continue to replenish! Either way – still an inexpensive toy and what I did was add some treats, they don’t ordinarily get, to the boxes.

mutual box toy

And here is a little video of the guys enjoying their toys!

Other notes about these guys while I’m on the subject of them – as I was feeding Mercury and Lennon their Yogies treats (cheese flavor is their favorite) without thinking I took my finger and rubbed Mercury on the back and around the neck. He didn’t even notice or mind or react in anyway as he ate. I didn’t realize what I had done until a moment. I then attempted the same with Lennon and he as well had no reaction. This is huge in regards to their trust and taming! And endeared me even deeper to them!

And the latest progress of the tank topper.


I hot glued them to theΒ  corners and will put in the tiny screws later.


I am still waiting for my springs to make the spring loaded latches on the sides. As I didn’t realize the product I ordered was coming cheaply from Hong Kong – I have a while to wait so I made do with this temporary latching with pipe cleaners and bent hooks.


4 thoughts on “Gerbil Toys DIY & Embellishing & Other Gerbil Talk

  1. Wow that tank topper is ace! πŸ˜€ What a big upgrade for the gerbils! The sisal wrapped toy is also a great idea, I’ll try it out sometimes. πŸ™‚

    • Thank you and apologies for sounding creepy but its weird I got a comment from you today because I was just thinking about up you lol! I ordered that Native Earth shredded aspen which was what sparked it

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