Gerbilarium Clean – a quiet critter talk week for me


Well I haven’t had much to discuss this week surprisingly! Oh, that is a lie as I always have ideas and thoughts but I have been busy with other non-critter projects this week and so I haven’t been focused on writing much at all and I haven’t taken hammy or gerbil pictures insanely enough. Just have been enjoying them without click click click!

I did do a gerbilarium clean with a substrate I have been anxious to try!! Native Earth Shredded Aspen. As you see it’s lovely. It has the texture of shredded hemp substrate but I like it much better than the Lifemate Hemp. It is sturdier so the gerbils can tunnel easy in it! Much easier than the shavings. But it’s also soft at the same time! Less dusty. And still as inexpensive as the shavings by Kaytee and in just as huge a bag. I got mine from Pet 360 with free super fast shipping.

This time I layered the bottom with several cardboard boxes of various shapes and sizes and the drift wood was set on top of them. Then dumped the substrate and shoved some cardboard tubes in there and hay. They went right to work in there. By the end of the month they will have it piled up with all the wood and cardboard they shred.


4 thoughts on “Gerbilarium Clean – a quiet critter talk week for me

  1. So glad you liked the HT aspen. 😀 If you mix some hay into the shreds, the tunnels hold even better! Although I suspect the gerbils are a lot more active than the hams. :mrgreen:

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