The Good and the Bad of a Major Toy Haul

Well, I have nothing but good to say about the actual store Bobby’s Bunny Boutique. Great customer service and communication. For a voyage from Canada to Maryland it was pretty fast shipping. And to be extra sweet they threw in a bag of treats for my critters! Which I have to say they absolutely LOVE.


Bob enjoying his treat from Bobby’s Bunny Boutique.


So I definitely recommend these if you are shopping there for hammy treats. Thank you Bobby Bunny Boutique! I’ll be returning to stock up on treats! They have a plant/herb mix that I’ve been wanting to get for the hams. Actually, they have several varieties. I believe I’ll be getting my hamster treats from them from now on. Certainly a healthier looking selection and that my hams will actually eat!

Now, that is out of the way – let’s get to the problems which the manufacturer of the Rose Wood Boredom Breaker line of toys is to blame. Goodness what a fiasco. Brittle pieces when putting together. Pegs off in their alignment.  I had to get out the glue gun and go to work repairing broken pegs, lose pegs, and or altering everything (such as BREAKING pegs and flipping over pieces the wrong way or ignoring pegs altogether) to get it functional. Once finished all is sturdy and fine.

The other issue. The houses were way too small (shows a Syrian hamster on the cover of the box too! YEAH RIGHT)The houses are dwarf hamster houses. So, I guess I misjudged the sizing as that was clearly for the outside perimeter and not the inside which was considerably smaller and narrower. But the log tubes on both the assault course and the activity tower were too small for Syrians. And so I did not connect them to the towers but instead put them both in Strawberry’s cage as he adores tubing.

photo(50) photo(53)

The Robo’s are enjoying the houses even though they didn’t need new houses. Eh. Make the best of an unfortunate spendy situation.


Patch checking it photo(57)

Snow just being gosh darn cute!

Bob seems to enjoy his activity tower even if the log isn’t connected (as he wouldn’t fit inside it) and he can practically jump from the ground to the top of this by perhaps lightly and briefly stepping or holding onto a peg or two. It’s so quick now I cannot tell. It’s how he gets to his second level and I believe he likes it much better than ramps and rope bridges.


What’s this?


Here he is going  down it for the first time.

And Penny had a cage rearrange to fit her Assault course and I haven’t caught her using it yet. When I’m in there she’s begging to be let out. I do place treats at the very top. Knowing her she uses it but she’s been calming down suddenly.

Let me digress for a moment since this IS a blog about my hams anyways and not just their things! She’s getting cuddlier and calmer and doesn’t want to stay out side her cage as long. She happily returns to her cage. I guess I can consider this a positive reaction to her cage in general. But when she does get out lately she is obsessed with making the same mistake over and over expecting a different result. She climbs up a shelf I have filled with extra toys and bedding and such for them and then climbs on the edge and jumps down into the plastic bin I have set next to it which I use when doing substrate changes / cage cleaning. After the 3rd time of catching her doing this I have moved the bin.


So here is what her cage is looking like these days

photo(58) photo(54)

And as I just gave up finding a suitable sized, cute Syrian house I made one out of 3 Petco Bendy Log toys. I have so many stockpiled because of how inexpensive they are and how useful they are for all the hamsters as well the gerbils that I am surprised I only just thought to do something like this.


She’s quite happy with it let me tell you. Took to it immediately. It’s pretty sturdy as is but I am out of wire and plan to connect it with wire to be much sturdier leaving the top piece like a door at the top I can open and close to check in on her when needed.

And Bob got one too.


So, I was pleased with the store but not the manufacturer of the toys (which I am assuming is based out of the UK?). Though once put together in any way you can to get it to indeed be put together – it’s sturdy and nice. I will also know better about the sizing of the housing. To assume the dimensions are for the outer and not the inner. The walls were about half inch thick and such and well I have LARGE Syrians. But even my hybrid Strawberry wasn’t that comfy. It’s really a Roborovski sized home.

I will shop at Bobby’s again. Just understand what you are getting into if you purchase anything from the Rose Wood Boredom Breaker toy line. Have a hot glue gun and some patience ready.


3 thoughts on “The Good and the Bad of a Major Toy Haul

  1. Gosh those houses are small!
    If you’re ever looking for Syrian sized houses, look at rat and guinea pig ones. Annie has a guinea pig house coming in the post soon 😉 Darla actually has her old house from like six months back, she’s had shoe boxes and her digging tower to nest in since then!

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