Bob gives me a scare


So, a few days ago in the middle of the night, Bob got out of his cage and fell a little over a foot. The fall in itself wasn’t that high but it was the circumstance that would make it a weird fall. His door opens up and I usually clip it shut. However, I sometimes forget. That night was one of those times. And sadly Bob with his mighty strength, lifted the door with his teeth, squeezed under, probably was trapped and pushed forward and fell in a very forced way.

When I happened on him in the hamster room that next afternoon while going through some things in there – he was squeaking at me. I checked him out and put him back in his cage and watched him. That was when I noticed his mouth was funny. It was a little crooked on the right side. Like he had a fat lip or something. Because his teeth aligned. He yawned. Pouched food. Ate. Drank. He acted normal except he looked broken! In the mouth! But how can a hamster do those things with dislocation or a break? So I thought perhaps a little stroke from the stress…but he had no other symptoms of stroke.

So, as these things happen (with my kids especially) it happened over the weekend. So, I observed him all weekend and Monday I took him in to see the vet. And he was a very nice person and knew much about hamsters and treated Bob just as importantly as he would a Great Dane. Even complimented him! Bob was a fine gentleman!


Bob hiding in his tube before his exam. He senses something is afoot.

Bob, after the exam and inspection, is found to be swollen in the right pouch area which was causing the “fat lip” pretty much and causing his tongue to stick out to the right and even separated his bottom two teeth a little. Otherwise, he was fine and had a clean bill of health.

So, we came home with some anti-inflammatory medication for 3 days. If it hasn’t improved in a week I am to go back and they will take x-rays but he did not believe it was a break or dislocation. And he did quite a check on Bob. He said other than swelling his pouch is fine.

As we went to Banfield inside the Petsmart I was also able to shop for plenty of treats for Bob (and the other critters get to benefit too).


I got asked that famous question all passionate hammy owners get asked in Petsmart check out lines (You have a lot of pets?) Because you buy from the bird, chinchilla, guinea pig, and sometimes reptile sections for acceptable treats! “Nope, just a lot of hamsters and a couple gerbils!” Also pictured is his 3 oral suspension medications. He was given one directly after I took this picture.


And then he was put back in his cage and given this treat for being such a good boy!

I don’t think I have to tell any one reading this what it has felt like. To worry and feel guilt and to think the worst! So, now that I have found that he’ll indeed be okay and it’s not as terrible as it could have been and now he has medication to make him feel more comfort! Well, I’m very relieved. You don’t realize how much you love a critter until something like this happens!

So, I don’t believe I will ever forget to clip the door to his cage ever again! Oh, my heart!

And before I leave this post I want to also add that the timing was wonderful. His custom quilted hammocks arrived today. I put them in and he was having such a ball climbing into them and going from one to the other and down to his wheel (I had taken his wheel from him for the weekend as I wasn’t sure what type of injury he had) and then back in the hammocks! I’ll make another post tomorrow about his hammocks and with pictures! They are GORGEOUS! I will link who makes them and why you MUST get your custom rodent hammocks from her! She is an absolute doll and a pro with her sweet quilt making skills!


8 thoughts on “Bob gives me a scare

    • Thank you – he certainly did! The next day after the first dose was a massive improvement. It was night and day. By his last dose today he is completely normal in every way again!!!

    • Oh gosh it was. Awful. Awwwwwwful feeling!!! I am going to make sure that NEVER happens again for ANY of my critters! And Bob is completely back – good as new! The meds worked!

  1. Poor Bob! Glad it wasn’t anything serious though.

    (I ended up having to take Annie to the vets for the first time on Monday too, it’s horrible when your babies are not right!)

    • That is so uncanny we both had to take our hammy’s in on the SAME day for their first appointments. So glad that her’s wasn’t serious! I would have done the same thing in your shoes! Bob is completely well again! The meds worked and he has his gorgeous mouth back good as new!

  2. Happy to hear that Bob is on the mend after his mischievous adventures! Glad it was nothing too serious and that he was such a gentleman at the vets:-)

    • He sure has! He is mended good as new! Thankfully those meds were just what he needed! His cute mouth is back to normal and that means the swelling is gone and I hope that means if he was feeling a lot of pain that he has NONE now. My poor baby!

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