Let’s make everything into a hammy cage!

I found this doll house on the curb of a neighbor. It was thrown out. My son loves Transformers Rescue Bots and I made him their HQ/ Fire Station out of a small book shelf but this is much bigger and so I plan to convert it to a boyish Fire Station (sci fi style).

But you well know there has been plenty of moments that I fantasized converting this into a 3 story hamster dollhouse cage. Ohhhhh, the possibilities!!! It is particle board though. It would take a lot of work and material to make it suitable but can you imagine how adorable it would be?



The 100th Post. Where I seemingly lose it!


Did I mention yet that this is my 100th post?

Well, it is!!! And that means I’m celebrating!


I also created a new Youtube account & had an intro/promo video made to go ahead of every rodent video I make! I love it! Also, 3 videos where I VLOG. That’s right. Video Blogging. My new hobby I’ll try out. I feel awkward and nervous and vulnerable standing before the camera, face in shot, as I speak candidly. But whats life without a little thrill now and then?

photo(5) photo(6) photo(7)

Could this post be any more obnoxious cute!?


Woot woot woot!



syrian dance

Ahem … right … sorry about that!

Here is a REAL post … well, that is a matter of debate – does vlog/cage tour count? Sure, sure.

I will say that those of you who are my friends and are familiar with my blog – none of this will be very new and interesting. I go over the same ole same ole. Diet, Treats, Cage Tours … but for my new youtube channel as well 100th post I did want to do something extensive.

Too bad that within seconds I make a mistake. I speak out an incorrect url for my blog. There is no “gerbilations” in the address. *sigh* Oh well! Novice vlogger gets a  pass! Also, only with that first video the sound quality is TERRIBLE for the intro. Not sure what happened. Thankfully it wasn’t like that on the other videos.

And  for the hamster portion I broke them up into two separate videos as it was running quite long.

And Part Two with the actual Cage tours here:

I did feel that there was just SO much I could have gone into. I was overly ambitious. Whew. More concise videos would be better.

Just to be clear the vlogging bit to me is with my face showing. Cage tours and food and substrate showing is something entirely different. So, I do have to say there is a big difference between speaking to the camera and behind it!

I finally tried to make a slideshow of pictures (favorite ones) of all my hammy’s and my gerbils but it wouldn’t convert on youtube for some reason. I’ll have to make that for another post. The 101th.

And that’s all folks! … wait …photo(8)

What?! I couldn’t resist !

Room Rearrange

This weekend we did a few projects I had put aside. One was rearranging furniture around the house which led to some ideas for the hammy room. I brought back the shelving unit system for the Roborovskis and Strawberry and extra toy and accessories storage bins. I then put a cabinet with a hutch I have in there to store the substrate and food. It’s sloppy right now as I haven’t really organized neatly. I had so much more to finish elsewhere. But one can get the general idea. Tomorrow I will finish the job.

My 3 year old has a severe allergy to peanuts so I keep the food at the very top well marked that it contains peanuts.





I am very pleased. The room is more neat and organized and saving on space. My infant can’t get to a lot of the storage now that its not so exposed. And I feel like my 3 year old is less likely to get in contact with the peanuts.

The shelving and consolidation doesn’t make me look any less like the crazy hamster lady however lol.

Strawberry is randomly active


imageI was just telling a friend that I hardly see Strawberry awake or at least out of hiding useless I wake him on purpose. And I walk into the room to snap a few photos of the room rearrange and who do I see active an being acrobatic?

i know why. The location change. He senses his cage somewhere else. He loves a lot of rearranging it seems unlike most hamsters. I could be wrong but he is only active after a change of some sort. Strange. 

Snoozing gerbils and Mercury’s AWOL Adventure

As many know I change around the gerbils layout every couple weeks. I put the burrowing box back in and filled it with substrate and did a few inches throughout the rest of the tank with a lot of hideaways to see what they would do with that. They love the hideaways. If they aren’t in the topper chewing up cardboard and eating then they are climbing around the driftwood and on top and inside the hideaways and pausing to watch us like little “creepers” I affectionately call them.

But a new thing is sleeping by the front of the glass where they know we see them and where my kids play right beside. They still aren’t gerbils that like to be held so I still don’t try to but they are tamer in that they feel absolutely safe and content sleeping somewhat exposed to us!

I snapped photos of them from a couple separate days because I thought watching them sleep was so cute. I wasn’t used to being able to see them when they sleep.

Keep in mind I usually have at least 7 inches substrate but this time they have about 12 inches in a burrowing box. Like I said I do change things around and like to give them the job of making their own substrate from hay and cardboard for stimulation in natural behaviors.






A week ago for the very first time I had a loose gerbil. And I was very fortunate. I have been waiting to see if there was vulnerability in the design of the topper door. The door because it’s steel mesh and the topper is mesh there is a little warping. And so there was a gap even when fastened shut. Mercury discovered this apparently.

We were watching a program on TV and then I saw a rapid movement and a blur of black and knew immediately that it was Mercury. That was also when I noticed Lennon frantically digging and jumping about the tank and topper. He was searching for his brother!

I yelped out “loose gerbil!” And immediately closed off the area where I knew he was.

I eventually coaxed him into a large plastic cup and put him back. He seemed so relieved to be returned and Lennon was over the moon to have his buddy back. Mercury went immediately to his food bowl. I have no idea how long he was out if long at all. The last time I saw him was the evening before or maybe that morning. They have been lazier lately and so it wasn’t unusual for me not to notice during the day. They become most active around late afternoon and early evening currently.

I am just relieved because he was in an area with a lot of electrical wires and could have chews them. And I don’t trust that my dog wouldn’t kill him. I would have been heartbroken.

Needless to say I have adjusted the security of their topper door.

Penny’s cage rearrange.


It’s been awhile since I did a change for Penny. Bob’s new cage is so busy and stimulating now I wanted the same for Penny. I dug out all the old hammocks and made a hammock jungle. She has several ways to get to and down from all 3 of her shelves.




She seems to like it. Figured out everything quickly including the tube hammock. But I still hope it didn’t stress her as well.

Doctor Bob

Penny and Bob as Rose Tyler and 10. I chose the outfit from the episode Tooth and Claw.

It was a sloppy, hasty amusement while my children were napping. I do want to draw a serious and with much care portrait for them. I just rarely have the long period of uninterrupted time to do so. But I will try. I miss drawing and hamsters and gerbils are one of my favorite obsessions! What better subjects?