Supreme Science Hamster Food and Treats


I found this for sale on Petco last night. Another product from Supreme Foods (they make Hazel Hamster). It’s all in one biscuits with no added sugar so this would be ideal for Dwarfs prone to diabetes.

Some potential cons I initially have read about…

It’s been said that this could become boring for hamsters as like lab blocks they can pick and choose from a variety and forced to eat a biscuit all the time. As the dietary needs of hamsters change all the time and variety helps with allowing them to select what they need each day this limits them to eating it ALL at once.

I have also seen it said that hamsters may lose weight on a diet of only this. Not enough fat or perhaps in boredom they eat less.

And lastly I read that the biscuits aren’t as hard as in Hazel so may not be as good for keeping the teeth trim.

So, despite hearing the positives of many hamsters initially loving this and no added sugars… I think it’s probably best to mix it in Hazel or Carefresh Complete… Etc. Also it’s only a 12oz bag so it’s not much for the price and mixing will make it go farther and or to use a few for a daily or weekly treat.

Here is the ingredient list as per the Petco website:


I felt I would give it a try as I try to give the hams variety of foods to keep it interesting but choose the highest quality foods on the market here to mix so it stays somewhat balanced.

I also wanted to try out the Supreme brand treats as a healthier treat choice. Also at Petco (or Petsmart) there are a couple hamster varieties. Although I give my hams the Chinchilla and Rabbit ones as well. I picked up a couple at Petsmart while I was waiting for Bob’s vet appointment at Banfield and since it was a hit I wanted to get some others for them to try.


I will put the Science Selective on my Hamster care page (still in progress) if I find it favorable. But I am very excited to see more of their foods marketed here in the USA. And that Petco has finally picked up the brand while also now carrying Hazel.

Now if only these chains carry Gerri Gerbil!!!! Do you read me Petsmart and Petco???? Why do you carry everything else ( Gerti Guniea Pig, Charlie Chinchilla, Reggie Rat, and of course Hazel) but not Gerri Gerbil?

If you are looking for Gerri the best price if you purchase in bulk (at least 4 bags) to make shipping still keep overall price a deal is Roxy’s Pet Den though she is out of stock at this time but I was told they would get more in soon.

For now another alternative I found is pet pros though a little more expensive than Roxy’s and to make shipping worth it you also should bulk up.

I plan to contact both Petco and Petsmart about Gerri and see what they may have to say about stocking.


2 thoughts on “Supreme Science Hamster Food and Treats

  1. That is weird that they don’t stock Gerri when they stock all the others. But then I saw in my vets, they stock all the Burgess stuff for rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas etc, but not for the smaller animals. It’s a shame, because P@H only stock the dwarf one and I am curious to try the Syrian version!

    Also on the Science Selective, either Petco have it wrong or it is a different recipe in the US — their website say it’s 19/5/5% protein/fibre/fat. ( What’s it say on the bag? The small bag size does seriously suck though.

    • Okay – I just got the bag two days ago and meant to come straight here to reply but kept slipping my mind! I am disappointed. On the bag it’s 17 protein, 3 fat, and 3 FIBER!!! Sheesh.
      It could never stand alone with 3 fiber. But I will say this – the Syrians love it! The Roborovskis and Strawberry aren’t fans. I give about 3 to the Syrians every other day with their other food!

      How frustrating it is. I pretty much mix my food. Carefresh Complete, Hazel Hamster, and I add peanuts in the shell and some more pumpkin seeds. It might throw the mix off but both are the best foods in this country for hamsters so I don’t think it’s by much.

      My hams don’t seem to be a fan of Hazel anymore though. I’ve been really looking into making my own mix but I’m so afraid it would never be right.

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