Organizing the Topper


The gerbils’ topper is coming along nicely. I rearranged and added some things and most of all I organized the area!

I made a swing out of a Petco bendy bridge with wire but my friend Kerri is sending me some little chains she had so that I may use that! Though I have found my guys could care less for this swing so I’ll be giving the swing to my acrobatic Syrian hamster Penny instead.

My gerbils do not use a wheel. I have put one in there various times since first bringing them home. I thought now that they had a topper and it wouldn’t be used for their burrows by being toppled on purpose and then buried – that they might actually use it for its function. But alas, they ignore it.


I thought about removing it but I decided it does no harm to sit there. Perhaps, one day they will and perhaps they never will but this topper is on its way to being made more and more sturdy and reinforced (as I get things here and there from hardware to add to it) and one day *sniff* I will have another pair of gerbils (as I cannot imagine not having gerbils in my life now) and they will possibly enjoy the wheel.

I wanted to have it set up the way I’d have it for future critters. Working with wire and such is a pain in the arse! I don’t want to have to cut anything out or rewire unless I have to!

Anyway, I have a mobile infant now and all my supplies for them need to be out of the way but convenient for me. I was piling all of it on the topper and it looked a mess. This is in my living room so that couldn’t last! So, I finally organized! I cut up cardboard in strips and rectangles and keep them in the slots of a metal letter/bill holder I had that I wasn’t using. I decorated the ugly coffee container that I use to keep their food with decorative tape an use a little basket for a couple of their treat containers. The basket is where I store their various hay blends and extra treats, etc.


I’m so proud of this thing! Seriously! I just love it and probably most of all because of how much use it gets! The gerbils think the topper is ACE!


6 thoughts on “Organizing the Topper

  1. I love this 🙂 I think I’ve finally decided that I will add gerbils to my fur family in the next year or so. Your gerbil accommodation is one of the best I’ve seen! Got lots of ideas for mine already haha!
    I’ve also nominated you for a blog award 🙂

  2. Thank you AND thank you!!!! And gerbils are wonderful!!! I want a bunny now. So how ironic isn’t it? But it will be a long time and a lot of prep before a bunny. I have been researching loads. It’s amazing how much ther is to learn for their care. Makes me sad for how mass marketed they are as kid pets and simple cage pets and that is completely not the case. I want to rescue our future bunny.

    • They really have taken my eye… I was a little confused as to whether I should rehome a hammie or a couple of gerbils. I did have my heart set on another syrian but my chest of drawers is just a little too small length wise for a suitable house. I’m hoping it will be big enough for some gerbs though… need to do more research. I’ve actually found it quite difficult to find really good info on gerbil care though!
      Woooohoooo, that’s great news! 🙂 🙂

      • It was SO hard to find gerbil care that was united. So many people have SO many different opinions. With hamsters it seems pretty much the same. Mostly I follow UK standards (or German is even better). American standards are so low for animals it’s so sickening. Gerbils they try to say a 10 gallon is enough for two. TWO!!! They are SO active. Much more active than my hamsters. Well, I take that back. They are more active during the day. It’s early morning or dawn. Then random during the day. Then evening. They might do something in the middle of the night but I don’t know but mostly they aren’t very nocturnal. Hamsters go pretty strong all night so I guess they are just as active with different schedules.

        But still – I feel like a gerbil makes so much use out of its space. I think a 10 gallon is SO tiny. Mine were too busy for a 20 gallon. The 40 suits them well.

        It’s not that great but I started a gerbil informational page on my blog:

        It was pretty much showing what I’ve learned about gerbils along the way. What I have learned is most important.

        Also “The Gerbil Forum” is the only form I’ve found on the internet. At least in English language. It’s not as active as I’d like. But they are friendly enough and helpful. A lot of diverse opinions though.

        I feel this way about rabbits. Just trying to grasp all the information at first and scouring the net for information. It’s so much. And yet once you learn it it sticks in your head and isn’t difficult at all. I already have a good understanding about diet now. And space requirements. And exercise requirements. But then bunny information is really great on the web. So many wonderful blogs and forums and Facebook groups! It’s such a wealth! And bunny people are so FRIENDLY.

    • Thanks so much! I don’t know! The Gerbils aren’t very nocturnal (though some are exception to the rule). But they do get up SUPER early so maybe they do then! Worth leaving in there just in case!

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