Bob gets his house or duplex or garage …


Well, I took the two houses apart and glued the together and broke up one of the roofs to glue back in a way that it would fit with the other on top. Now Bob has a wooden house. And he likes it!



But the door opening was too small so I removed that so it’s more like a garage. Hah!

The Robos didn’t like the houses. Patch was balling up in his sand bath and Snow under his Flying Saucer. So, at least the house(s) get some use.


And Penny? I settled for a pink igloo! She loves it. So I do too!



6 thoughts on “Bob gets his house or duplex or garage …

  1. Those look great. Hopefully hammys are easier on their toys. Whee had the piggy sized wooden cabin thingy and destroyed it in two weeks! Record!

    Mummy was not impressed by our skill for some reason

    Nibbles, Nutty, Buddy & Basil

    • Oh you naughty piggies! *squishes* Have I told you all lately how tempting you are making piggies for me to snuggle? Oh, if only I had the space in this current rental for a huge c&c …

  2. This was a fantastic idea! :-)…way to make lemonade when handed lemons;-). I think Penny’s pink igloo is gorgeous & very fitting for such a sweet girl!

    • You know – I just hated plastic houses. Even the Strawberry I ordered from Petco online – I assumed it was ceramic like the Acorn and was SO disappointed when it arrived and it was plastic! I tried to keep ceramic homes but none of course are made for syrian size. So then I saw all the wooden homes as did you – in the hamster habitats from the UK and well you know all the rest is history there. But then something about that pink igloo…Really, I knew she’d love it anyway. Despite it not being wooden or ceramic but could I love it? Well, it’s pink and it matches her wild, sassy cage. A wooden, rustic like house would have looked kind of funny in there actually.

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