The Hams get a surprise!

My friend Kerri sent a few chains used for hanging hamster bridges to me and on top of that kindness she also had more surprises in store!


They were in sealed little baggies but I opened and poured them back in the boxes for Bob, Penny, and Strawberry (SB is his nickname sometimes).

So Cute!

All the hams loved their treats!



Patch pulled the cheese biscuit into his house and sits on top.

Here is Snow and Strawberry eating the seeds I scattered.



Bob was a blur. He is really super speedy these days!


Thank you so much Kerri!!!! It put a smile on all of us! And the chains will come in use ASAP!


9 thoughts on “The Hams get a surprise!

  1. Glad to see that the hams enjoyed their treats;-). Penny looks SO cute IN her box! lol. Darwin’s favorite treats are the cheese biscuits too…he hoards them just like Snow;-) Can’t wait to see the hanging bridge!! 🙂

    • They all went nuts for the cheese biscuit. All of the biscuits actually. I cannot even find evidence of them in the Syrians cages! The boxes are sitting on top of their cages as decor. They will make great little treat luggage for them on our road trip on the move next year.

  2. Sorry…I meant Darwin is just like Patch, not Snow:-). 4:45am is way to early for me to be commenting on anything;-). lol

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