Bob’s future upgrade!


I am very excited. I got this rabbit cage (that is insanely too small for a rabbit) for 20 bucks. It’s over 100 online from Petsmart. I am not sure if its a Super Pet or Prevue but both brands have the same pricing for almost exactly the same style cage. The owner didn’t know. And the top of the cage in the picture looks like that as that is the grid flooring that I won’t use for flooring but instead to mesh the back to save on hardware cloth. It also came with a little shelf (not pictured). And it has wheels!!!!! I think mine is the old version of this:

The foot print is 39 inches long (like Penny’s Mamble) and 17 inch wide I think. It’s not as wide as Bob’s Kevin but makes up for that by length. It’s 18 inches high from the top of the base to the top of cage so plenty of room for the 12 inch wheel and shelves and hammocks. Still not as big as Penny’s but mainly by height as her Mamble is taller and her cage is a little wider.

I ordered the mesh and cable ties to convert it to a hamster cage! Bob is getting over 10 inches of an upgrade since I also count the height as I have shelves and hammocks. I cannot wait to get the mesh Saturday!!! I will do a photo step by step for those who want to do the same thing with an old rabbit or Guniea pig cage!

Strawberry is going to get a big upgrade to the Kevin 82. My bin cages will be put in storage as they are going to become their travel cages for when we move.


2 thoughts on “Bob’s future upgrade!

  1. Great find!! :-). I thought about doing something like this for Darwin. I’d love to give him an upgrade next school year, in my classroom. Can’t wait for the DIY;-)

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