May Shout Out


This month I have to draw attention to this video by budgetbunny on youtube!
She made a fantastic hamster cage for her hammy Chandler out of a grid cube shelf set and hardware meshing/cloth with a wood base and shelving. It’s pretty lovely. (You should check out her channel and especially the tour of her animal room and all her rabbit enclosures as well).

Do you want more cage tours? Animal Mad Cait has all kinds of critters and interesting enclosures for them all. Guinea Pigs, Hamsters, Gerbils, Rabbits. She is always down to earth and just herself with she gets on her youtube. You can tell. You feel like she should be a friend you have!

I want to point out some rodent bloggers I especially enjoy.


This is a hamster blog – so I am biased naturally. The world needs more hamster blogs that are also informative on hamster care.

Once again! Hamsters! She also has a website and hamstery. She also does little comics with photos she takes of her hammys! What’s not to love? She is also constructing hamster care information on her site.

Binky Bunny House

A lovely blog about a soul owned by bunnies. Bunnies! As if I needed a beautiful blog about rabbits to make me want one even more!

Piggies of the guinea persuasion !

Hutch a good life

Piggies! Adorable piggies have much to tell about their adventures. These cheeky piggies keep up their blogging regularly.


Rittles and Bittles

She quilts beautiful hammocks for rodents as well shares the life of her ratties and dog Bittles!

Rattus Norvegicus

This blog will make you want to bring ratties home to your heart! Oh, if only I had more space and time!


The Daily Fang

There seems to be a shortage of gerbil blogs out there. This is one that is updated pretty frequently with photos of cage set ups and Fang the gerbil’s activities. And what a cutie he is!

A Rehabber’s Writings

The blog portion is not updated as much but if you go through her past entries and her site itself you can find information on gerbils I think is useful and interesting. Also, she is an author of a series of gerbil books for children (or even adults who love to read children’s books – like me!) that teach lessons about our gerbil friends.


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