Room Rearrange

This weekend we did a few projects I had put aside. One was rearranging furniture around the house which led to some ideas for the hammy room. I brought back the shelving unit system for the Roborovskis and Strawberry and extra toy and accessories storage bins. I then put a cabinet with a hutch I have in there to store the substrate and food. It’s sloppy right now as I haven’t really organized neatly. I had so much more to finish elsewhere. But one can get the general idea. Tomorrow I will finish the job.

My 3 year old has a severe allergy to peanuts so I keep the food at the very top well marked that it contains peanuts.





I am very pleased. The room is more neat and organized and saving on space. My infant can’t get to a lot of the storage now that its not so exposed. And I feel like my 3 year old is less likely to get in contact with the peanuts.

The shelving and consolidation doesn’t make me look any less like the crazy hamster lady however lol.


One thought on “Room Rearrange

  1. Nothing wrong with being a crazy hamster lady 😉 I love the shelves, took me a moment to remember that Strawberry had the Kevin though — my first thought was why was Bob’s old cage on the unit when Bob had a new one XD

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