Let’s make everything into a hammy cage!

I found this doll house on the curb of a neighbor. It was thrown out. My son loves Transformers Rescue Bots and I made him their HQ/ Fire Station out of a small book shelf but this is much bigger and so I plan to convert it to a boyish Fire Station (sci fi style).

But you well know there has been plenty of moments that I fantasized converting this into a 3 story hamster dollhouse cage. Ohhhhh, the possibilities!!! It is particle board though. It would take a lot of work and material to make it suitable but can you imagine how adorable it would be?



3 thoughts on “Let’s make everything into a hammy cage!

  1. Wow that would be amazing! You should so turn it into cages! It would be the cutest little thing ever! Whee are going to demand Mummy makes us a cool house now!

    Nibbles, Nutty, Buddy & Basil

    • I decided that if in a year if the boys take little interest in this house I will connect it to a C&C cage with this as the front. I have plans drawn out inside my head already for a dollhouse bunny hutch!!! It’s really tall and long! With a cage attached behind this could be amazing!!!

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