The 100th Post. Where I seemingly lose it!


Did I mention yet that this is my 100th post?

Well, it is!!! And that means I’m celebrating!


I also created a new Youtube account & had an intro/promo video made to go ahead of every rodent video I make! I love it! Also, 3 videos where I VLOG. That’s right. Video Blogging. My new hobby I’ll try out. I feel awkward and nervous and vulnerable standing before the camera, face in shot, as I speak candidly. But whats life without a little thrill now and then?

photo(5) photo(6) photo(7)

Could this post be any more obnoxious cute!?


Woot woot woot!



syrian dance

Ahem … right … sorry about that!

Here is a REAL post … well, that is a matter of debate – does vlog/cage tour count? Sure, sure.

I will say that those of you who are my friends and are familiar with my blog – none of this will be very new and interesting. I go over the same ole same ole. Diet, Treats, Cage Tours … but for my new youtube channel as well 100th post I did want to do something extensive.

Too bad that within seconds I make a mistake. I speak out an incorrect url for my blog. There is no “gerbilations” in the address. *sigh* Oh well! Novice vlogger gets a  pass! Also, only with that first video the sound quality is TERRIBLE for the intro. Not sure what happened. Thankfully it wasn’t like that on the other videos.

And  for the hamster portion I broke them up into two separate videos as it was running quite long.

And Part Two with the actual Cage tours here:

I did feel that there was just SO much I could have gone into. I was overly ambitious. Whew. More concise videos would be better.

Just to be clear the vlogging bit to me is with my face showing. Cage tours and food and substrate showing is something entirely different. So, I do have to say there is a big difference between speaking to the camera and behind it!

I finally tried to make a slideshow of pictures (favorite ones) of all my hammy’s and my gerbils but it wouldn’t convert on youtube for some reason. I’ll have to make that for another post. The 101th.

And that’s all folks! … wait …photo(8)

What?! I couldn’t resist !


5 thoughts on “The 100th Post. Where I seemingly lose it!

  1. Congratulations!

    Omigosh I was laughing all the way through these cute little graphics. When I got to the dancing hamster on the stairs, I lost it. Funniest/cutest thing ever.

    I’ll watch your videos tomorrow. Right now I am hamsitting Jasmine and watching a disgusting number of Blue Bloods episodes.

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