Introducing Gabriel …


A few days ago I noticed a post by someone on a local Facebook group I am a member of. They were seeking to rehome a Dwarf hamster. I have 5 hamsters already. And two gerbils. A dog. And a tank of fish. Oh…and I think it counts – TWO children. So, I felt a tug in my heart but I ignored it and moved on. Then yesterday the lady posted a photo of the hamster in question and once again asked for someone to adopt him. I melted. Adorable. ADORABLE. And strangely similar to photos I had seen of Chinese hamsters. So, I took to the hamster groups I’m a member of on Facebook with his photo asking for their expertise in species identification. And sure enough the response was overwhelmingly, “That’s definitely a Chinese.”

Well, I don’t want to sound like a terrible person. It’s not that I dislike Dwarfs and hence I wouldn’t adopt a hybrid Campbells or Winter White. But, I feel I am at full capacity for rodents. I am a little self-conscious about it at times. And of course I have the normal worries a military spouse has …we could be stationed any where next year. It’s possible for it to be overseas but not incredibly likely …but it IS possible. And I’ll cross that bridge if I come to it. But for now the definite situation of the future is we will have to move and possibly far away from where we are now. And I don’t rehome pets due to moves in the Continental USA. But not because it’s easy to travel with animals. It’s not easy to travel with children or animals. No one wants to stay in a confined space. Kids in their car seats or Hamsters and Gerbils in small travel cages. And our van would look like a Clown car when loading and unloading this magnitude of living beings.

All that said – when I did realize it was most certainly a Chinese hamster I just could NOT resist. I have wanted a Chinese hamster for a very long time and here was one needing a home. I discussed it with the husband who shrugged and said, “Well, what is one more?” LOL. I mean, that was an off the cuff comment. He of course realizes each life is special and has a set amount of needs. But it is true that one more hamster would hardly seem like it tipped the scales into animal hoarders…. (does it?)

I set up a bin cage for him today. My son helped with meshing the lid and gluing legs to platforms and filling it up with toys and such. One new notable toy is the hanging ladder toy from Bobby’s Bunny Boutique that just arrived yesterday! And I cannot tell you how much I love that toy! I plan to use the other one I ordered for the gerbils in their topper. (More of a review on the product and the store that I love in another post!)

I decided to go smaller as I have heard that the timid nature of the Chinese likes a lot of substrate to burrow in and a lot of cover and hideaways to hide in and I didn’t want to overwhelm him with a large space when he is accustomed to a smaller space. Perhaps in a month or two I’ll upgrade him but for now judging from how he is moving about this space with ease and comfort I feel it’s just right for him at least for now!

One of the greatest things is that he is already so tame! Chinese hamsters are noticeably different than the other species of hamsters. Not just in some of the look to them but their nature. It’s hard to describe but I notice it already. And the best hammy induced feeling in the world??? Feeling their little elongated tail curling around your finger for balance. I’ve heard of this special Chinese ham facet but now I can tell you …it’s true what they say …it will MELT your heart!

Here is a quick vid of Gabriel settling in and a little view of his bin cage set up.

Time to upgrade my blog header!


4 thoughts on “Introducing Gabriel …

  1. SQUEEEEE! Oh, he’s too cute. I was just giggling about the wrapping his tail around your finger. Giggles. You’re lucky he doesn’t swing his tail around like mine do for balance. That’s when you get a mouthful of rat tail. Mine rarely will wrap their tail around you for balance. Rats use their tails more as rudders, but they can grip with it. They just don’t do it much.

    He sounds awfully cute.

    • LOL I can just picture this about rats now! Sounds almost like certain dogs like Labs!
      His tail is so cute. It’s like a mouse tail that was cut off half way! It’ll do this curl. They use it for balance as well from what I read. They are clingers with their back feet and such too. I am so in love with this hamster. My favorites are Syrians but now that I’ve got a Chinese I am both partial to Syrians and Chineses now. They are so mouse like and remind me of the mice friends I used to have as a teen!!

      • I’m just amazed at the behavioral variety between the different hamster species. That is sooo cool.

        Oh, and by the way, when you mention Labradors. I don’t think it’s quite like that unless you mean how a Lab’s tail gets in the way. Because rats don’t typically wag their tails. Of all the rats I’ve had, I finally have a tail wagger, and he actually wags his tail when pet just like a dog. He’s an oddball, but it’s cute.

        As for hamsters. Your blog is really bad for GGMR disease (GOTTA GET MORE RODENTS). In the past, i wasn’t interested in hamsters. Now, I don’t have space for a hamster. =(

      • Oh, I know this disease VERY well LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Every time one of my friends posts a new rodent family member I just melt and wish I could have them myself. I said I was at my limit before Gabriel…you see how that worked out!

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