Catch up!

Whew! Yeah. Sometimes a lot of life happens and blogs get put on back burner. We had a mold issue in a house with people with major allergy issues! Then I have picked up writing again. Or typing… Stories. I used to love to write stories and haven’t in years. Then the other week I had a plot bunny hop on top of my head and can think of little else!

But also? Just enjoying family. All of it. Which means my rodents included. I don’t think to take pictures or video or really much of anything with a blog mind. Just enjoy them all.

I have set up two little play pens and set the hamtrac back up and ordered a rat sized exercise ball. Pretty much what is happening is that I have ALL my hamsters save one, out at one time. What?!

I have Gabriel my Chinese in a play pen. then I put Strawberry in a ball on the trac. And then after 10 minutes i put him in the other play pen and may start trying Gabriel in the ball to see if he likes it. Then Penny runs free ranging in a hammy proofed room. The rat sized ball will be for Bob. He is prone to injury and I plan to give him mostly ball time and less time in supervised free ranging. Why is a long story but this is best for him. Snow is becoming hand tame. He has slowed down so much and more laid back than Patch. Patch – it stresses him out to be mottled with so I leave him alone until cage clean time. But Snow I handle amidst all this hammy activity and also put in the free play pen when Strawberry is in the ball.

I use the hamtrac because Strawberry can really get going around it while when just randomly about the room he seems to get stuck and confused and bangs hard on things constantly. So I am pleased with the thing. It’s the larger one and I am thinking about getting expansion pieces to obviously make it wider and put maybe some variety to the shape.

I also ordered more toys. And then I ordered MORE toys. Such as two more flying saucers for Gabe and SB (Strawberry) just for their play pens.

All of this is time saving and no more do I have to give them turns. Choosing which one to let out first is hard with those multiple sets of pleading eyes. And I am too worried about the small dwarf sized hams running free range in there. I prefer pens for them. And it has an entertaining feeling of absolute madness about it.

Anyway, I have Gabriel photos and some short Penny vids from the weeks that I haven’t gotten around to posting. I think a dump of them is in order!

Gabriel in our hotel bed and bath tub. (Our stay while mold was eradicated from our house).






And vids which I cannot embed with my WP app.

penny burrows in the kids toybox

penny meets strawberry

This is weeks ago of Gabe in a temporary play pen set up after we got him.
pay bin

Hopefully I will get something else posted soon! Just pressed for enough uninterrupted time to devote and lost a bit in other pursuits when I do have some time!!


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