Bob’s rat ball

Another great item to use for travel as well daily use is the rat sized ball for the Syrians. Bob is getting the hang of it. I can see this working really well in and out of hotel rooms whenever we are on the road. While the dwarfs can be in a dry bathtub for free range exercise the Syrians need a bigger space in my opinion. This helps!


Many Syrians will need a much larger ball than the standard Syrian hamster ball. If you have a big Syrian then a rat sized ball of 11.5 inches is safe as they won’t be arching their spine which just like too small a wheel – can damage their spine.

Here is a video of him – I can’t embed video with the iPad app.
bob trying out his rat ball


2 thoughts on “Bob’s rat ball

  1. Annie loves her rat ball too 🙂 I love it because it means I can let her go all over the flat without her trying to eat all the wires or get into something she shouldn’t! Darla likes his too, I have never tried my Robo pair with them though because I don’t like separating them for too long. Plus they have a playpen 😉

    • Oh man Strawberry is a ball fiend. I haven’t tried Penny in a ball yet and or Gabriel. I feel really hesitant with Gabriel as Chinese are so timid. But the robos were freaked out by balls when I tried long ago and people put gerbils in balls but that isn’t appealing to me and I wouldn’t want to separate them either!!!

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