Pens and Bins

Summer time and we are doing many activities. And I have been a little bit preoccupied as well. I miss posting here but I believe until summer is over it will be few and far between but we’ll see!!!

For now I leave a picture of the Syrians. I miss free ranging them but Penny became super destructive – more on that later and Bob is accident prone. So yeah – this and the ball is all I can do to really give them out of cage time.
And here is one of the travel bins! Excuse the mess resting on top. I attached a shelf or “loft” inside too. I only made two so far. I need to make two more but these are just way too small for the Syrians so I have to come up with something different for them.



5 thoughts on “Pens and Bins

  1. I absolutely LOVE the tape on the travel bin!! So nice and bright, especially with that purple bin:-).

    I’m also quite jealous of the new playpen for Bob (bless his accident prone self);-). I’ll eventually have to get one of those. Where did you get that cute log cabbin looking house at the bottom right corner of the picture?

    Glad to see the Syrians are doing well:-)

    • I actually have been trying to decide on a digging box. I am not sure if I want to use corn cob substrate or coconut. Something knew to them and easy to dig. I was going to make a bin filled with it and a way for them to enter it and leave it within their pen so it would cut down on the mess they may make.

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