Making bin cage doors

So I tried to find some cheap or free used cages to use the doors for bin cages but had no luck. So I thought I would just make my own door for Penny’s second level of her bin cage. I also want to do this for Strawberry’s bin in the future especially with how well it turned out with Penny’s.

I took a useless Super Pet or Crittertrail(?) play pen fence piece that I cut down to size with steel cutters and zip tied the bottom to the mesh of the front of her 2nd story bin. I chose the blue piece as it matched the blue Crittertrail door I have on the bottom bin. Then made a sliding latch to hold it in place just like the way the doors of her Ferret Kit cage secure. I also had extra plastic door guards from my order for the use of my homemade gerbil tank topper. So I used them to keep the sides of the clipped mesh from scratching Penny or myself.




Now I am working on the mesh lid. I wanted as much mesh as possible so I could give her back that system of hammocks I had going for her in the old cage now in this cage.

Guys! I have never seen Penny so content. She never begs to get out. She stays so busy. It’s so odd!


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