I’ve had trouble with time. No time to post. But missed posting here. Then I start to get trollers. The morons who don’t really read details and then post negative and incorrect and ignorant assumptions. I get any more of those and I am shutting down the blog for good.

I could disable comments but to me not allowing communication from others makes it kind of pointless to share. Telling me my two 110 qt stacked bins is not only unsafe but small and cramped for my hamster. How ignorant is that?!

Here is the comment that I promptly deleted as it made me so annoyed!


Get some education on sizing idiot.

Sizing PER 110 qt bin:
34 5/8″ L x 18 3/4″ W x 12 5/8″ H
87.9cm L x 47.6cm W x 32.1cm H

Unless you are from Germany where the standards blow us all out of the water then one bin is the minimum requirements based on RSPCA guidelines.

Do the math of the space of two of those bins connected and kiss my butt.


4 thoughts on “WTH??

  1. That’s silly. I see pet shops selling cages half that size and I know it meets RSPCA standards. People are just stupid sometimes. Don’t listen to them. The people who know you, know you are right

    Nutty, Nacho, Buddy & Basil (and hooman)

    • Oh exactly! And in USA is even worse. The ASPCA minimum requirements are over half the size smaller than RSPCA standards. So our cages sold as “safe” for hamsters are like torture chambers if not connected. I had my first hamster in one for quite awhile so we all learn some way or another and I didn’t know any better but I wasn’t judgmental either! Even now I see hamsters in small cages and I think well the person probably free ranges them a lot and gives them ball time too. Who really knows unless you are that person!

  2. Stormy, … oh that’s a horrible experience. Please don’t take it personally. For whatever reason, those comments are prolific in the small animal pet world. And, just imagine how nasty it can get with pet rats where you get to add the individuals who make nasty comments about feeding your rats to snakes.

    LOL – I’m always leery of posting pics of my rats anywhere near their hospital cage or their emergency transport cage. Because I’m sure that someone will make a rude comment about inappropriate cage size. I have a Double Critter Nation which are just absolutely monstrous so, a picture of a DCN doesn’t get criticized.

    But, the peeps criticizing cage size at heart just want to be sure the little guys have enough space. It’s just really frustrating when someone criticizes you when, in fact, you work so very hard to provide your little guys with space, love, enrichment, healthy diet, etc.

    Sadly, I wish I received as many comments on my blog as you do. I guess I have to advertise more and post more regularly.

    • Very true. And I feel the same way. I had Bob in a hospital cage for a week when he injured his foot from another fall. It wasn’t broken. Most likely a sprain. I had to limit his movement and play. No wheel. Etc. Dreadful but had to be done. I don’t even know if I ever posted it. SOme people only look at photos on blogs and don’t read anymore! I was worried I would get a lot of comments about his not having a wheel and the size. Sheesh! One shouldn’t have to worry about things like that!

      I told you in PM already about the comments thing. If I was on my lap top as much as I am on my iphone and ipad I’d leave more comments. I always have something I want to say to every post you make ! But for some reason Blogger’s site isn’t very compatible with apple mobile devices! And I ALWAYS read your posts from it. I can’t comment on another hamster blog I follow either because hers is a blogspot too. Such a bummer!!!!! I love your blog. I know Kerri and I for sure follow it regularly!

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