Let’s get back to normal!

For the last several weeks my hubs has been at a school for his job. This has left me with more work than usual. And usually it’s a lot more than you’d think. So, I’ve let so much go to the way side. This blog. Even time spent with my creatures. :*(

They’ve not had much playpen/free range time at all in almost a month. But now that my hubs is out of the school I hope that everything will go back to normal. Tonight seemed to bode well. The kids went down much earlier like they used to! So that helps. So, tonight I did get all my hammy loves (minus the anti-social Roborovskis!) into their play pens.

I have missed them so much. I had family come in for a weekend last week and to make room for them in the spare room I moved out all the hams and put them in my bedroom. Well, in that process I had switched out wheels for Flying Saucers as they are much much quieter. No random food or poos tapping and bouncing about all night as they run! On a FS that stuff flies off! But some hams were noisier than others. I never knew Penny and Strawberry stirred for the most part – unless I came up and looked. Bob is one busy fellow all night long! I would NOT have guessed this.

Having my hams in my bedroom like this showed me a whole other side to them that I wouldn’t have known.

Now I have Bob’s home back in the spare room. As well the Robo’s and Gabriel. But I kept Penny and Strawberry in my bedroom! I just came to appreciate having hams in there. At least a couple! I chose the most silent though I might put Gabriel in there as well. I haven’t decided.

Being that they all have Flying Saucers in their cages I now keep the wheels in the play pens. They seem to appreciate the wheels again for a short while but overall I have realized how much my hams prefer the saucer toys. I’m not sure why but it wasn’t instantaneously. I used to switch them out and sometimes have both in the cages at the same time. I’d see them choose back and forth when they had them both. And when I’d put the wheel back in and take the saucer out to switch it up weekly I found they were happy to have one or the other back. But the last time I had both in I found they were all starting to prefer the saucer over the wheel almost completely. And even were more stir crazy when left with only the wheel in the cage. So, that is interesting.

I do have plans for Penny’s bin cage to have one more level. A 66 qt bin that is small length wise but taller and can house a 12” wheel. I can do the same for Bob’s cage actually. The door that opens at the very top can be removed and the same type of bin put there as a loft. It’s not something I’ll do soon but in the future it’s possible.

Here is a little video compilation of them. The play pen for Strawberry and Gabriel is the base of Penny’s old ferret cage.

And I snapped pictures of the set ups for those not watching videos. I have 3 storage bins overflowing with random toys and “toys” …meaning objects I use as toys for hamsters. I like to switch things up. I’m always on the look out for things that can be used for play pens. Especially since I have 3 play pens to fill at the same time as I have 3 hams out at the same time. I’d like to have a forth pen so I could have the four out at the same time but I haven’t come up with something I could fit yet!

photo(57) photo(60) photo(59)photo(56) photo(55)photo(58) photo(61) photo(63) photo(64)

I am at a loss with Penny. Of them all she gets the least time out now. I am not sure what has happened but she has become very destructive in a play pen or when she was free ranging in the spare room. She will wander about for a little while but then will find a corner and dig and dig and dig.

Even with digging boxes she ignores them if in the play pen and prefers to dig the carpet. She’ll dig the fleece up until she reaches carpet and then goes to down on carpet.

I am considering getting a bin filled with some sort of substrate she isn’t familiar with that she can dig in. And that be her play pen I guess. I need to ponder on it awhile. I think she seems to be most destructive when she’s in heat. As tonight she was most definitely.


3 thoughts on “Let’s get back to normal!

  1. Whee are always so impressed by the amazing amount of toys and space your hammies have. So many of people whee know have these itty bitty cages and it makes us a little sad to see what they could do.

    For something for Penny, you could try filling a clean flower pot with shredded card and paper and fleece scraps. When Basil was at his most destructive baby phase Mummy did this. It made a lot of mess but really entertained for hours. She even hid treats in it sometimes. Might be worth a try!

    Nutty, Nacho, Buddy & Basil

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