A tour of Gabriels new set up/layout – move to the Kevin 82 Cage

I grew concerned about Gabriel. My upstairs of my townhouse is very hot. At night when we go to bed we crank the air conditioning so that we can be somewhat cool as we sleep. The downstairs becomes an icebox in the process so we have to turn it back and the upstairs just feels muggy. It’s not so hot (does not exceed 80F) that it would kill the hamsters but without proper ventilation I would fear for them. And the only one with the least ventilation is Gabrial as he was in the Tamburino and that is like a tank with only a vented top. No air would work it’s way in there to cool him unless I had him under an air vent or a fan blowing down onto his cage.

Anyhoo ! I moved him into the Kevin 82 which was being stored. No ham was using it. I had given it a try for Strawberry but he wasn’t too pleased. I put him back in his original bin cage and he’s been happy as a lark since. And Bob is in his converted larger guinea pig/rabbit cage. Penny in her double decker bin cage and the robos are now in their own brand new bin cages. So, I didn’t have need of it for awhile.

I was a little leery. It’s a bit more space than the Tamburino. But I set it up as it was in the Tamburino so that wouldn’t be too much a shock. I didn’t change his substrate either for the transition. He seemed unaffected. He went about his business as usual after the move. Mostly running on his Flying Saucer and going from hide away to hide away as he usually does.

But I wondered if there wasn’t more I could do to entice this guy. Make his life more enriching. So, I asked for pictures of Chinese Hamster cage layouts from the lovely folks on the Syrian Hamsters UK Facebook group (they allow people from any country – world wide to join). Most of these people I met through a hamster forum I was once a regular on so it was natural to join as they hold the same standards I do.

I was pleased to get pictures posted of their layouts and was inspired for Gabriel. I haven’t done all I plan to. I need to do some D.I.Y for a few things I saw in their cages I wanted to do for his cage. Like a 3 tiered hanging toy that I just adore the look of! I know I could make it myself with things around the house if I put my thinking cap on for a few days.

Here is Gabriel pic spam. Mostly of his cage changes.


Gabriel perched on his new shelf.


At this point he’s a little leery.


He’s having a nibble in his lovely hammock by Rittles N Bittles from Etsy

photo(73) photo(75)

Full cage view


This is his wheel that came with the Critter Trail cage he came with. I decided to stick it in there for now. It might be a tad bit too small.


Posing with his beloved Flying Saucer


Checking out the hanging toys


Exiting his sand box to explore the brick – which he can burrow under as well as it has arched areas underneath like a tunnel top


A better view of underneath the shelf and hammock. He has a terra cotta pot for one of two food bowls/eateries and a wooden sand box with stones in it for a more natural look and feel. And of course the drift wood that I found off the beach last year.


This house and the wooden tunnel were from Bobby’s Bunny Boutique and the Habitrail mushroom waterer is really cool! I love it. I put stones all around it.

Overall, I have learned that Chinese hamsters appreciate a lot of hide away’s. Tunnels and such. They do climb well so I’d like to make that more available for him in the toys I make. Rope toys like what is found in rat cages. I really prefer the Kevin 82 to the Tamburino. The Tamburino is lovely. I like the look of them better than the standard cage. But it’s just so limiting what you can do with them and the ventilation is a problem due to the location of my cages. I’m very pleased to be using the Kevin again!


5 thoughts on “A tour of Gabriels new set up/layout – move to the Kevin 82 Cage

  1. What a great place! Someone is a spoilt small furry!

    Just out of interest, how often do you clean them out and how long does is take to clean out all your cages?

    Nutty, Nacho, Buddy & Basil

    • People will cringe but monthly! They all use a sand box for a potty! I scoop out their pee and poop clumps from their litter boxes daily and the dwarf hamsters and chinese ham – I wash their flying saucers daily or every other day at most because they tend to pee on their saucers. The Syrians do not pee on their saucers thankfully.
      Oh man – if so many people realized how most hamsters and gerbils take to going in one place and that place usually being in a sand box if provided – they would save so much on bedding (and not deal with smells!) and wouldn’t hesitate on giving higher substrate levels!

  2. Love the cage 🙂 I much prefer barred cages to tanks or tank style ones, it irritates me that out of four hammies and four cages I only use one barred cage! Glad he enjoys it in there 🙂

    • Kissa – you and another blogger friend who use blogspot – well, I mean to say I cannot comment to your posts because the antispam features when commenting aren’t compatible with ipad apparently. I will type out a comment – forgetting – and then bam! Can’t post it.
      Anyway, I love the look of tanks so much. I dream of the Detolf for all my hamsters in the future. Having a place with the room. ETC. But it’s not realistic for me. Not right now or the near future. Maybe one day when we’re settled perhaps.
      It’s not just space – it’s the heft and pain of cleaning. And moving around! Cages aren’t the prettiest of habitats but they sure are light and endless possibilities with hanging toys and shelves and hammocks.

      OH and back to ventilation again. I like the ventilation in the summer months.
      But in looks – I LOVE how see through and clear tanks are. One day …one day!

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