12 ” wheel in the bin *can* be done!


Ah. So, this is for my fellow Americans! You know how that one of the largest (as in one of the longest) clear bins most available – the 110 qt Sterilite – is annoyingly *justatinybitnottallenough?* For Syrians that is.

I have seen bin cages made to accommodate the 11” Wodent Wheels for example (12” when counting the stand in the height) by cutting a section out of the lid and making an arch of mesh. And this is just ugly to me. Sure sure. It’s functional but I just can’t. So I made sure that Penny had a flying saucer for her bin even though I both like to change out the FS with the wheel every other week or so for the Syrians to keep it different for them but also the FS takes up more valuable space than the wheel.

Well, I was just getting around to cutting a very large square out of the lid for the top of her bin. I had made a temporary mesh lid until I could get the time to cut the plastic. I wanted as much mesh as possible so I could hang up all her hammocks and such. But then I realized the mesh – despite how tight I tried to fasten it to the plastic edges left of the lid – was puckering upwards a bit. Then it hit me! Let’s try the wheel! And dang! It fits beautifully. Gave it just that slight extra height.

The catch is – you can only do this with a double decker bin cage – and the top portion obviously. The reason for this is you need for the bottom bin to be the burrowing bin. Like with mine it’s a very high level of substrate in there. While the top of the bin I just have an inch layer of crinkle paper bedding. The wheel to fit the way mine is fitting – it has to be on the plastic floor. And so I had to clear a space so it would sit right on the plastic and the substrate is just nested all around it. The Wodent Wheels particularly have very low stands and so it makes it a pain in the butt with high levels of substrate. Most people make little stands for their Wodent Wheels to keep this from being an issue. Other than THAT issue – I prefer the Wodent Wheel over any other hamster wheel. But that ONE issue is a big one.

I’m excited though because I really never expected to fit a Syrian sized wheel in those 110 qt. bins!

Now, I can put the FS in the play pen or change it out now and then. At this point she just gained some more floor space.

In other Penny news – because she digs the heck out of her hammocks – both while in her Mamble and now in a bin – she has ruined the 5th hammock. Some of them – like fleece – she digs up really bad. Then the vinyl ones she chews the ribbons that hang them. I devised wooden everything. She has a hanging wooden bendy arch from Petco – I just dangle it with wire she can’t chew through. One of the ladder bridges from Bobby’s Bunny Boutique and the wooden suspension bridge that I got long ago from the bird section in Petsmart.

She just loves that set up. She gets to be acrobatic with it. I’m going to trust her with one more hammock. The quilted one my friend from Rittles N Bittles on Etsy is going to make her. The moment I notice she puts a tear or rip or chew mark in that one I’ll remove it. But I have confidence in this type of hammock. She seems attracted to fleece – fuzzier the better. And fabric hangers. Metal hanging and stability by the grommets and the durability of the stitching of the cotton fabrics I think will be a deterrent for her.

But other than that special hammock I’m sticking to wooden hanging toys for her (and her plastic Space Pod/Sputnik. If only we hadn’t done a spending freeze on our budget. We grandfathered in my future hammock for Penny (LOL) but no more pet spending. Heck ! I’m even giving my soon to be 1 year old son a total D.I.Y birthday with awesome home made sensory toys (THANK YOU PINTEREST). If only I was so lucky with finding D.I.Y hamster toys. The same ole same ole pops up in google. Crackers and other TP Roll toys. Or cutting up cardboard and weaving stuff. My hams could care less for stuff like that. They all like to climb around to have fun.

I have lightweight chains made for hamster hanging toys that my friend Kerri sent me. I’m going use those and another wood ladder like toy that came with the Tamburino – to make yet another hanging toy for her. It’s actually a wooden hay feeder type thing but looks like a ladder. I usually just use it as a play pen toy but I’m desperate here to entertain Penny more and more.

If anyone has any suggestions and links to D.I.Y hanging toys for hams PLEASE share!!


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