Gerbil Topper Improvements

The gerbils have two new ramps in the topper. No more having to use bulky not really ideal methods for them to get to the topper and to the 2nd floor of the topper. They love it. And it makes my topper look more sleek and pro. Takes up less room for them as well.




So a little while back I ordered two metal ramps that are actually replacement parts for a commercial tank topper for gerbils from Overall, I am happy with the seller. I would order from them again. They give a 10% Military discount too which is a kind gesture.

My cons are only there is no email notifying of receipt or acknowledgement of order and or of shipping. However if you register with them you have access to your account which will reflect the process of your order. Also when I emailed customer service I received a prompt and courteous response. Shipping isn’t really fast but reasonable. Good prices but the shipping cost is a wee high but as stated on their site that is the way they keep their items priced lower. So, it’s not truly a beef with me.

The selection is awesome. I saw so many parts I would love to order for my DIY cages and such. My friend Kerri got her front panel to make a bin cage door from there. A replacement panel for a commercial hamster cage.

I also got a replacement ramp for Bob’s converted rabbit cage. The true part for. The cage. I got that cage cheap and used and it was missing that ramp. It fits great in there and now he can climb to the shelf that came with the cage with ease.


2 thoughts on “Gerbil Topper Improvements

    • I had just swept the chewed up cardboard on the topper floor into their tank but other than that it wasn’t clean!!! That crinkle paper bedding is the least messy substrate ever and they make great tunnels with it!

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