Gabriel cage additions

So I have been trying to come up with DIY toys for the hams. I was so close to buying Penny those 1 inch thick, 28 or 36 inch long rope perches used for rats and large birds. They were on sale on one site and then I found it even cheaper on another but it was still going to be $12 and that is breaking our goal so I refrained but I don’t know how longer I can resist.

For Gabriel I remembered this video on YouTube by Erinshamsters of her DIY cage for her Chinese Hope and the spoon staircase and hanging cup.

I took those ideas though I want to get a wider and cuter cup from the dollar store later.



I also added 3 more piles of sand to his box and watched him sniff and dig in it for awhile. Ah, ham watching is much more interesting and relaxing to watch than the fish tank.



2 thoughts on “Gabriel cage additions

    • Erin is so creative! I just loved the spoons and cup. It made me think of the mice from cartoons who use small human objects for furniture! I always LOVED that!

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