Ginormous playpen

I hope I haven’t just started something I can’t keep up. I have to put this all up every night! That isn’t quick!

We finished setting up the “den” which is what we currently are using the spare room for. We have the Wii and Netflix set up so we can watch movies when the kids are asleep and I get to also enjoy the hams.


I also did a little haul at Petsmart which is beside Michaels. I found sales! And cheaper things.

The edible perches were only about 49 cent a piece. I got the last 3. One isn’t pictured. The metal scoop wasn’t on sale but I have needed that for a long time so I went ahead and already pleased with how much faster and efficient I can clean their sand boxes out!
The hay was only 1.17 for the bag so I got the two left. That hanging grass matt I have wanted for Penny’s bin. I have it hanging like a hammock. She likes it and hasn’t destroyed it yet. The ladders will probably come in handy once I put backing on them so the hams can’t slip through.

I am going to take some pictures of the hams set ups for August soon. I have put even more in Gabriel’s and Strawberry’s cage and Bob and Penny’s have been rearranged. Now I need to focus on the Robo’s.


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