Bob’s cage tour for August 2013

So as of now this is Bob’s set up. He is in a rabbit cage by Ware which I got used for $20 dollars and covered the wide bar spacing with sections of 1/2 inch grid mesh. I secured the mesh to the frame with cable ties. Though I took these photos last night and today I finished snipping the white cable ties and replacing with dark red cable ties which are also skinnier so it looks cleaner and less tacky. I had only got half the cage done by last night. I have hated the original ties I used and am so glad I finally redid it.

Also I used a doubled up screen mesh and attached it from the inside of the front door so it wouldn’t interfere with the latching mechanism.

The dimensions in inches are: 41.5”W x 17.5”D x 26”H
I made the wooden mushroom platform with wood dowel rods and wood plaques from the craft store and used kids nontoxic paint to make them look like mushrooms. I then covered it with a paint water proofing sealant.

Also I have a Senior Wodent Wheel 11″ and several plastic shelves and Rittles N Bittles custom set of quilted hammocks for more space and enrichment.

He has a hanging coconut hideaway which is his favorite toy ever and several wood ledges and an edible perch which he thinks is absolute fun to use like an obstacle course. A blue small igloo house, a space pod (which i just realized isn’t actually in there right now. I switched it out for awhile) a bendable bridge, tissue box, fleece tunnel, and a couple high back litter pans with sand for a potty. An earthenware food dish and a bird ladder which I plan to cover the back of for no slip throughs. A hanging bell toy he likes to make jingle.20130819-213628.jpg

I use ProEarth or Carefresh Crinkle paper substrate. I initially used it exclusively for Bob as he is long haired and it was the only substrate I had ever found that didn’t stick in his skirt. Now I use it for all my hamsters and my gerbils because its the least dusty and least allergenic of substrates. My son has severe allergies and asthma and I found that aspen irritated all our noses. The nests the hams can make with wads of this crinkle paper are amazing so I think we are all happy.


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