Gabriel’s Setup August 2013

Gabriel is in the Marchioro Kevin 82 Mouse Cage. 32.25 Inch W x 20 Inch D x 14.25 Inch H

Since I last posted Gabriel’s cage I have added a suspension bridge and edible perch and a wood arch hideout. Also inside are spoon stairs like what Erinshamsters did for her Chinesy. And like her I hung a cup. He also has a wood shelf and a terra cotta pot, sand box, foraging toy, suspended basket, ceramic acorn hideaway, wood cabin by Rosewood Boredom Breakers from Bobby’s Bunny Boutique, Crittertrail mushroom water dispenser, a hanging coconut hideaway from Dr. Foster and Smith, a Fying Saucer, a Crittertrail Wheel, and a quilted hammock by Rittles N Bittles. Also some brick and rocks and driftwood. A little wood Petco bridge and Petco wood tunnel. And his substrate is Ecobedding crinkle paper.




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