Penny’s current setup August 2013

I have shown Penny’s bin so much lately this felt like overkill. But I am posting them all for the month and making a page for the blog showing them all as this will pretty much be it for changes for a long time. Penny is missing a hammock or two that will eventually exist but it’s in the process of being created. Other than that this is the setup.

Penny is in a Sterilite 110qt double decker. size per each bin is 34 5/8″ L x 18 3/4″ W x 12 5/8″ H
87.9cm L x 47.6cm W x 32.1cm H.

She has a Space Pod, woven hanging grass mat, a hanging bendable bridge and a couple wood ledges like Bob has. Also a Wodent Wheel Senior and a wood platform I made for her with non-toxic paint. On the top level I had a thin layer of crinkle paper substrate. I plan to add hot pink crinkles next cage clean!

Excuse my toe in the background ! Oops!
When I lift the lid the bendy bridge and the space pod are of course gone as they are attached to the lid. Here you can see her sand pot and pink igloo. Also a ceramic food dish with lovely damask like patterning.


The bottom bin is piled high in Kaytee Clean and Cozy. I got the white on sale but keep looking for the purple paper to go on sale. When I get it I will really make it color pop full of girlie ness! Also a pink plastic shelf attached and a bendy bridge for stairs for her to get to the 2nd floor with ease. A high back sand litter box and a couple cardboard tubes.

I keep it simple for the bottom and busy on the top.

I added decals (wooden ones from Michaels). The heart with crown is definitely to signify Penny Lane the Princess.

I am a girl that loves color. Rainbows. And yes an Army Wife is certainly allowed to be a fan of PEACE. And I also am big on equal rights. So all the explosion of rainbow goodness is coming atcha!!


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