Back. Rants and Confessions.

So, I’ve been getting notifications from WordPress that I’m getting high volumes of visits. Like over 40 visits and hour for peaks. Most of which I have a feeling are spam bots. When I take a gander at the spam comments sometimes I see that WordPress has an amazing spam catcher which gets most of the spam and most of which ARE spam.

However, many of these visits are not spam but they are trolls. I either have ONE nutcase who is changing names just to plague me with annoying questions to be a jerk … for example “petco told the mesh used to make bin cages are toxic in zinc” …and other stupid STUPID comments like that. Come on people. Do some freaking research will you? GOOGLE helps. It really does. And a Petco associate is someone you take a lot of stock from? Okaaaaay.

I get a lot of the “duct tape is dangerous for rodents” comments. Even though my duct tape is not in a place my rodents could get to it. By the time my gerbils could fit their teeth and muzzles through the 1/4 inch grid squares to reach the duct tape they would be in a world of pain because they would have to had shaved off gads and gads of flesh to fit it in there.

The point is I’m getting high volumes of comments like this. When before I was getting comments that thanked me for ideas or asked for help now I get fewer of those and more trolls. All the trolls seem to type and word things in the same way so it may be the very same person who needs a life.

But because of this person or people I have decided to remove the comment feature from the pages I’ve made. And I have comment moderation on. So, when people comment initially it will be in the moderation queue. Once approved people logged in with that account or email should never have to go to the queue any longer and be instantly approved. But I see it doesn’t always work that way. Some comments MAY be going directly to spam which are NOT spam. Sorry about that.

But I was sick of getting this crap in my email daily. Now that comments are off from my “pages” I rarely get email. And when I do get comments on the posts I have to approve them and that extra step usually makes me take longer than usual to reply back if I ever do. Once again sorry about that!

The entire fiasco left such a bad taste in my mouth – almost like someone raining on my happy place. Ruining my happy place. I know that that is what happens when you begin to word things such as I have on pages such as “this is how you should do things” … or at least implied that I am very knowledgeable in that. You get the people who challenge you. If this was THAT it would be one thing. But I’m getting moronic comments over and over and I just don’t have time for that.

I haven’t posted much at all for that reason but also because I am in transition with my hams. And honestly I feel like I will be judged on here since already I have been over duct tape and bin cages and space of cages. Might sound silly to let it get to me but I have to be honest I just don’t like that feeling that I’ve got such asshats stalking my blog.

But I’m over that NOW. I’m going to post again. At least text wise. I haven’t taken a lot of pictures lately. But this is a place for ME. I don’t care if I’m hated. Or judged. Or trolled. If I have to remove the comment feature from my posts I will. I will do what I have to to keep up my postings.

One of the transitions I made was Gabriel. I keep not learning my lesson with the Kevin 82 cage. First it belonged to Bob. I got the cage specifically FOR Bob. Bob originally had the Mamble. He fell from the Mamble and was weird for a few weeks. He wasn’t injured but he was in some sort of PTSD. Actually, he may have had injuries but nothing broken and I didn’t see swelling. Anyway, I was too terrified he’d fall again in there being that he’s clumsy. So, I got the Kevin which is only 14 inches high. So it’s not a tall cage by any means.

When I got Penny I put her in the Mamble and Bob smelling her became like a new ham. He was suddenly active and wanting to come out all the time. I found the used Rabbit cage and meshed the bars so he couldn’t slip out and this gave him a lot more space and it wasn’t as high as the mamble but still higher than the Kevin but narrower than the Mamble so less open space up high to have to cover with hammocks. So, it was safer for him. He loves his cage. I could never move him out of it. He just is super content in it.

Okay, so I had this empty Kevin 82 now. I put my hybrid dwarf Strawberry in there to give him a big upgrade in space. He seemed to love it at first. He was all over the place. Active like never before (he is hardly ever out until midnight) but then within the next week he was back to being super reclusive and even stopped coming out much at night. I gave it some time. Over a month. But no change. I put him back in his originally bin cage and he went back to being his normal self. Still lazy but back to coming out and doing his thing at the usual times. I vowed to never move him from his bin ever again.

So, empty Kevin again. So, I adopt a chinese hamster Gabriel. I put him in the Tamburino after a short stint in a smaller bin cage to not overwhelm him with a big jump in space that for years he wasn’t used to having. He took to the cage well. Loved it. Seemed to be active during the day and night. But I got it in my head to give him an upgrade.

MISTAKE AGAIN. It got to the point I’d only see him in his sand box and his Flying Saucer and any other time he was buried. He wasn’t going into his hammock of platforms or into all the little fun things I made him like his spoon ladders or hanging cup or basket. He may have been in the very early hours of the morning perhaps but I’m insomniac and I’m up really late and I wake up in the middle of the night and early morning hours too and poke my head in there when I do and I do not observe much going on except his FS or Sand box.

So, this weekend I did a MAJOR overhaul of the room. We needed more space too. That’s a long story but I knew it was long coming when I initially put the hams in that room as a temporary thing at the time months ago. I put Gabriel back in the Tamburino and within two days I’ve noticed he’s out even in the day time again. I was in there this afternoon and there he was like old times – wandering about. OH HAI GABE! Long time no see you like this!

Is the Kevin cursed? I don’t know.

So, this is where I’ll get judged but at this point I don’t give a damn.

We were noticing this odor from Penny’s bin cage. I would clean out her litter 2 times a day to combat it. It was so strong. I stopped giving her mealworms to see if that would help. It did. But still there was odors. Not as strong as before but still there. Well, the bottom half of the bin cage doesn’t have much ventilation. Just the front panel. So, I made two more windows in it on the sides. But still odor was trapping in. I notice that Penny did nothing down there but sleep. She didn’t make use of the rest of the area at all. I wouldn’t either if it stunk so darn bad!

In the future I will make a large back meshed panel and give it a try again but at this point I realized that in this cage the bin cage wasn’t healthy. If she used the top bin for sleeping AND playing it would be fine. It has a large mesh panel in the front and the top and the back and very ventilated. But for Penny it was just not enough space. She’s not even 70 percent as active as she was months ago. She has slowed down a lot. Or “calmed down” more so. She mainly likes to climb around in her hammocks and platforms and wheel and flying saucer. So, I set up the Kevin 82 for her. Made it look more awesome than ever before. She has her hanging jungle gym back up and several platforms and the FS and the Wheel and a dig box and her litter box. And her heart platforms I had made her DIY in there and I am amazed by how much more space there is in there than I had initially thought. When I had Bob in there I didn’t utilize space in there well. I guess you get really good.

So, I did this and she was ecstatic. Checking our her hanging tubes and her hammocks and bridges and platforms and platforms. She was happy to have BOTH the FS and the Wheel in there. I see she nightly she goes back and forth from the wheel to her FS. Pretty much she’s acting like she did when she first got in her bin cage. She loved her bin cage – at least the top part for activity. But the bottom was just not safe for her. It just wasn’t.

Not because it’s a bin cage. Not because of the duct tape on the outside that was out of her reach. It was because of ventilation issues. It was just causing the bacteria in her pee I guess to just multiply so rapidly that the odor was just horrific. We were about to take her to the vet for fear it was a health problem and her pee was an indication. But now that she’s in the well ventilated Kevin I haven’t smelled anything like that.

The Kevin 82 is a downsize for her. Despite what some wanted to believe the double decker bin cage wasn’t a downgrade from the Mamble. It was actually an upgrade overall in space. But she was barely using the extra space down below probably because it was full of nasty vapors every time she used the pot.

Do I feel bad about putting her in the Kevin? Nope. Not one bit. I don’t see that she’s unhappy. I see her acting as usual if not a bit more “busy” probably because it’s new and she loves newness. Unlike most hamsters she actually loved cage cleans and rearranging. She gets bored easily.

Will she stay in the Kevin forever? No. We will be moving in May. We plan to find a house to rent this time. A nice sized house hopefully. For our boys and for our pets. When we look for a place to rent I will want a room or area devoted for my hams and that means I want a space for the play pen to be set up always. Not to have to be broken down daily. And I want it to have space for the hamster ball to have a good area to roll. And I want Penny back in the Mamble. I will be altering the mamble however. I will be finding a way to make the top of the cage open up like a massive door to help with cleaning. Major DIY there.

But for now this is the best alternative. I can’t do the Mamble here in that room. We’ve had to put so much in there that space is now a serious issue and the Mamble wouldn’t fit. The bin was a problem as I just stated.

For the record though – the Kevin is a marvelous cage for a Syrian. Bigger is always better but damn – I forgot what a great cage it is. For dwarfs or Syrians. But if you have a dwarf it’s probably best to keep them in the cage they get settled in (as long as it’s a cage with adequate spacing of course). They seem to not take change as well as Syrians do.


8 thoughts on “Back. Rants and Confessions.

  1. You don’t have to post this message, I don’t know any other way to send you a message than to post a reply…

    I learned so much reading all of your posts, and ended up creating three amazing hammy homes after reading all of your suggestions.

    I used a Kevin 82, Tamburino, and I actually found a way to purchase 2 Hamster Heavens from the UK (one extra is still new in the box). I learned from your posts and from the experience of having 5 extra hammies (mom came to us pregnant from pet store without us knowing)…that you really have to identify their individual personalities and match them with a home that fits them. Most of our little guys are doing great in their new homes, but one of them is hiding 24/7 in the HH tubes which is not good. Makes it hard to socialize a young hamster that was otherwise very social. I may be purchasing at least one more Tamburino and selling the HH. I adore the HH cage, it’s like the Kevin 82 with so much more included in the package…but our hammies were born in a 40 gallon aquarium and most of them seem to dislike the cage bars. They always seem to be trying to find an escape route rather than enjoying all the fun inside (which is why the Tamburino seems to be a better fit for most of them).

    Anyway, I’m sorry to hear that you are being harassed because I honestly don’t know what I would have done without you. I visited your site countless times and still go back to many of your pictures because I’m so amazed with what you have done. I was going to send you pictures of my houses because you were the inspiration for them, but I am new to all this and have no idea how to send these to you. But I will tell you that you would be proud of them and you would see how much you influenced all the decisions I made 🙂

    So hopefully this cheers you up, and that you know there are many of us who appreciate all the time you take to share your experiences. And how impressed we are with how much thought and care you give your little hams.


    • I cannot tell you how much this lightened my spirits. THANK YOU. Thank you so much. I wish I could see pictures of this. There is so much I could say to this!! I need to make an email address just for this blog so I can have it there as a contact. I’d give you my email but then I’d have to put it out where it could be found to spam. I have a Junk mail email actually (used when signing up for stuff) – ragingtides @ – if you want to send pictures there that would be awesome. And I could give you my REAL email too in a reply.

  2. We love your blog! Ignore all the trolls. I have learnt so much from your blog and I know when I eventually get my gerbils, I will always have a source of useful information here. Very inspirational 🙂

    • I have been out of town! I hope there are posts of yours to catch up on! I look forward to your posts! Thank you so much! I appreciate it.

  3. Can’t wait to see how you’ve set up Penny’s Kevin 82. Chester and Madeline each have both flying saucers and wheels so I’m very curious to see how you’ve placed yours in the space. Expecting to get some ideas from you on how to utilize every inch of the cage.

    • You already have received the pics – which I sent to you after we PM’d on FB. I USUALLY do have BOTH the wheel and FS but I took the FS out when I was making more digging pots for her. But I’m putting the FS back soon. I do like to change out a LITTLE bit to keep it new and exciting. Though here lately I try not to do to much change on her. She’s sadly had a LOT of change in the last few months. I feel pretty bad about it. At the same time I have her in what I think is best for me and her. I have fallen in love with the Kevin again. It’s really an ample sized cage. And great for smaller apartments where space is a problem. In my case a small room where I’ve had to use more space as a den and spare room. I just WISH it was taller you know? Not as tall as the mamble obviously! But just a few inches taller – like 18 inches would be a nice height.

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