Penny’s Current Cage layout.

HELLO!!!! I missed posting. Well, we had a vacation which of course included travel. So, I’ve been out of the loop. I need to catch up on my favorite blogs as well!

I have made some changes since these photos were taken. Mostly just additions. More toys and such. I put Penny’s favorite bell and wicker loops toy inside. Etc. I haven’t been taking many photos of the hams. But I did take these just for Marquelle so I thought I’d post them here too.

Holly – Gabriel’s hammock is in Penny’s because Gabriel is not doing much climbing anymore. He’s getting pretty old. He mostly sleeps now. 😦 Penny hasn’t even tried to tear it up. At least I can’t see that she has. I don’t want to test it too long so I’m excited her personalize hammock will be on the way! (For those of you in the US admiring my beautiful quilted hammocks in my hammy’s cages check out RITTLES N BITTLES on Etsy!!! Quilted hammocks made with complete TLC. She has a high standard. Her hammocks are made to withstand regular washes. I am addicted to her hammocks. They are a piece of artwork and love in every hamster cage! (If you have Rats keep her in mind – She originally began to make them for her Ratties!)

1 2 3

I found Contact Paper with the French Toile (?) look and covered her wood platforms/ledges with it. Pee proof but also pretty. I also made that wood heart platform using non-toxic (children’s finger paint). The flower box is a tissue box. 4

A great sand /digging box – Blue Bunny icecream container. It’s plastic. I cut a hole /half of the lid and pour sand in. Penny and Bob both have one – her’s is Mint Chocolate Chip and Bob’s is Strawberry LOL – and they LOVE hopping in there and doing their business and Penny puts some of her favorite treats in there too. I could have saved money not buying plastic litter trays with how much I find they love these instead. Also they take up much less space and are deep so I fill them with a lot more sand than I could with trays.5 6


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