Happy Hammy Halloween & Etc


My two favorite Holidays are Halloween and Christmas. I love love love those two holidays. So naturally you know how much I must adore “Nightmare before Christmas” … Ahem. I digress.

This year I had every intention of getting the special edition Carefresh “Candy Corn” bedding. But I slacked on it. And it’s all gone from the stores. One can order online but it’s too late! I am still going to troll the sites to see if it goes on sale online for super cheap to clearance it. Just to have it for next year. But otherwise, I’m S.O.L !

I did however get these super cute Halloween cookies on sale for the rodents. They are huge so I only got four and will break them up for all them to have a piece. But I wanted to take a couple photos of a couple hams with them. Bob and Penny during their time in the playpen tonight were more than happy to oblige.

photo(3)But I noticed that the special edition Christmas bedding is now out! And I am usually not one of those that starts thinking Christmas before Halloween or Thanksgiving – but I did not want to forget this time. Or for the stores to run out. The Christmas mix is not available online anywhere I could find. It was however in the local Petsmart. It’s so expensive – Carefresh bedding – so I only got the small bag and will use it as a topping over another bedding. This bedding will be the white Kaytee Clean and Cozy (like snow!). And then I ran by the Dollar Tree and picked up four small bags of this red crinkle paper that is used to decorate baskets (I guess).

photo 1(2)

Also while at the Dollar Tree I picked up some containers for organizing the treats better. The original cute containers I have treats in – thought super cute and colorful – are too much a pain in the rear end to get open and shut. I often spill too much in the process.

photo 2(1)

I’m really happy with the little jars with the white lids. I only got 3 as I only stock 3 lab block types. Mazuri, Kaytee Forti-Diet, and soon to receive Sunseed Critter Cubes. I want to try out the Harlan Teklad but they are just kind of pricy even in the small sample bag – due to shipping costs. So, I’ll hold off on that for now.

I’m also still using Carefresh Complete Menu with the addition of some more seeds to it – such as sunflower and pumpkin seeds and some freeze dried mealworms and rolled oats. I put the Carefresh Complete in the big container.

And the pour spout container has that “junk food” FM Browns Tropical Carnival in it for a sprinkle treat. I had a bag I got on accident awhile back. I kept it around and the expiration isn’t until next year.

The coffee scoops looked similar to what I saw on a video on youtube – used for a girl’s hamster food. She had cute clay figurines of hamsters she molded and attached. I want to try to do that myself with these two scoops. Totally ripping her off! But seriously. I’ll credit her when / if I do it.

The two pretty blue ceramic bowls were actually from Petsmart. I just need a couple more bowls for fresh vegetables to keep separate from the dry mixes.



5 thoughts on “Happy Hammy Halloween & Etc

    • I wish I could reply on your blog! Blogspot and apple must be enemies. Penny is still treating her hammocks kindly. And always in them when I come to get her out for play pen and cuddle time. Or when she is waiting for a treat. They are so beautiful!!!!

      • I am so thrilled to hear that the little diva is enjoying her hammocks. Blogspot is extremely frustrating. At some point, I’m going to have to move my blog. Ick.

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