Pen Pal Post

I have a friend who I met through hamster groups. She is from the UK and we were talking about hamsters. Duh! And what came up was our weird fascination with particular hamster chew toys. She had a thing for the cute wood cheese chews that we in the states have access to. And I told her how I was jealous of the wooden mushroom chews that they can get across the pond! Then it was obvious! We must get these items and ship them to each other! STAT! And we did!



Can you stand the cuteness? (Well, if you LOVE mushrooms like I do of course!)

I just like how we are kindred spirits in that way! That we have weird fascinations with things like shaped wood chews! LOL

We are going to do this again! I just have to figure out what I want very much that is obviously not expensive and small and light enough not to cost an arm and leg for shipping! So, I guess that means asking for an Alaska or Alexander Cage or any of the Trixie toys is out of the question hmm?


4 thoughts on “Pen Pal Post

    • I KNOW RIGHT!? I mean – the cheese chews are cute! But compared to the mushrooms? I feel like she was robbed! I got her two packs of the cheese chews because they are so small and only two a pack. And threw in some of those cute mineral chews in the shape of ice cream cones. And still feel like I’m the one that got the better end of the gift post! I just think these mushrooms are so DARLING

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