Random Ham Pics & Discussion

So, I have some random ham to post. Last night a few of my lovelies were up and out and about. Penny took her slice of yellow bell pepper I placed in her cage and ran back into her igloo. Since the weather change she’s been antisocial a bit and lazy. When I put her in the play pen she does nothing in there but run to a corner and try to dig out. I worry about her a little. She is otherwise healthy but just has been a bit strange lately in personality. We might have to make a vet run at some point. So, no pictures of her from last night. She’s not been active until really late at night. Very unlike her but once again – I think it’s possibly a seasonal thing. And she’ll acclimate probably soon. IF not I might have to figure out how to make room for the Mamble again. Because perhaps she is becoming unhappy with a smaller cage. I don’t know. She seemed more than happy before. I don’t want to react too soon about it. But I’d like to rule out everything.

Bob on the other hand is uncharacteristically active. Not that he’s lazy anyway but more so than usual. Hyper almost. He just loves his obstacle course play pen time. When I come in the room he’ll be running fast on the wheel and then an abrupt stop. He pokes out like “Do I hear my human?” And rushes over to me when I open the door. I love all my hamsters but Bob is my bond-ham. He truly loves nothing more than to sit and be stroked gently in my hands. He kisses me. And he is drop dead gorgeous. My Bobby Boy. I do not know what I will do when he’s gone. UGH. But he’s so healthy and spry and gorgeous that I feel I have a long time yet with him!

Order of events – “Do I hear my human?”

photo 1(3)


“Oh, yes, I DO want to come out to see you!”photo 4

“Look at me go!”photo 5

Strawberry since being put in his Grreat Choice cage has been super active. He loves to monkey bar all over the place. This is the first cage he’s ever been in where he can do that all over. He started out in a Critter Trail when I was new. And those have plastic tops. And then the bin cage only had sections that were meshed on the lid. And then tanks and the tamburino cause it to be difficult to get to the mesh lids due to the slick sides. So, now that he’s in a true cage he has been going full monkey. I walk in there and attempt to coerce him out but he’s too busy dangling and showing off. He does still love to get out but it’s like he has this thing where he has to make it to the door entrance in the most creative monkey like way possible. I’m so pleased by the cage and how he has responded to it.

Last night he was furiously working on his slice of yellow bell pepper when I came back in to visit.

photo 2(2)

Gabriel is as CUTE as ever!!!! I put a wheel back in his Tamburino along with the Flying Saucer. He prefers the Silent Spinner to the Wodent Wheel. He goes back and forth to the FS and the SS every few minutes. He isn’t urinating as bad in them as he was before. He is going a lot more in his sand box thankfully. He goes through moods with that I’ve noticed.

photo 3(2)

The Roborovskis! Well, I don’t have pictures as they bolted like Roaches when I flipped on the light last night for some reason. They don’t always freak out by the ceiling light being abruptly turned on but I think it depends on shadows. Anyway, the other night I had Bob in his playpen which is near my bed in my room. I keep it separate from the hammy room so I can chill out and do my think some nights while the hams get exercise and adventure. I read or I am on the laptop. Etc.

Well, I saw a flash of light in the corner of my eye and for a moment I thought “Oh no! Bob got out of the playpen!” But right there just hanging out on the floor beside my bed was SNOW. I have never had an escaped Robo before. Or dwarf in general. SO, I was taken aback. I hopped down and scooped him up and inspected his habitat and it was one of his seesaw toys! It had been worked against the partition and was stuck in the substrate. He was able to crawl on top and easily scale the partition. He is on the top shelf of the bookcase cage. So, for him it was a little bit of a fall. But he wasn’t harmed. He was acting normal but a little freaked by this “freedom” of open space. What really amazes me is that when my hamsters DO get lo0se – and only Bob and Penny ever have. Penny once and Bob a couple times – it has been very short lived and they are usually either coming up to me or are exactly in the first place I look.

Bob will come up to me when loose. When he was injured on his fall from escaping he chirped at my feet (in pain and fear). He knew I was his person and that I’d make sure he got better. Penny isn’t as bonded to me like that as Bob. But she wasn’t far. She was right where I thought to look first.

Snow ran from the hamster room. Across the hall and into my room and ran right up to my bed! How lucky is that? I doubt he had been out for more than a minute or two at most! Hamsters have less than stellar eyesight but their sense of smell is really strong. I wonder if I am familiar enough a scent to lead them to me! Hah!

But yes – lucky or not – that wasn’t an awesome experience. I do NOT like my hamsters or gerbils getting loose. It’s a terrible feeling. So much could happen to them. I have a small dog. I’m not sure how great she is at catching things or if she would. But I have a feeling she would given the chance. And then there are tiny crevices all over the house that aren’t safe options for them. I could go on! So, grateful I’ve not had escapees so drastic that I’ve had to make traps and sit up all night listening for sounds.


2 thoughts on “Random Ham Pics & Discussion

    • Thank you – that is one of those grid (well, this one is plastic and not actually a grid) cube shelves! I got it off amazon. They make the BEST playpens. I used cable ties to put them all together and it folds up in a stack that way. I clip the two ends together with a bulldog clip!

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