Penny and illness

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So, I mentioned Penny had been acting strange. By yesterday she started really acting weird and looking weird. Today she was flopping over. We took her into the vet when the small animal vet was there and she seemed to perk up while there so he didn’t see her at her worst but based on what I described he prescribed antibiotics and probiotic supplements for her. Based on her behavior he can only assume it’s an inner ear infection. She has lost a lot of weight really quickly which can happen for many reasons but often when they are ill. She is however eating and drinking. But she seems to not be drinking as much as she should and was.

Pretty much I have given her her first dose of Batril and mixed her dose of probiotic and she really loves the probiotics stuff. It’s by Oxbow and it smells quite nice. I have it in a little plastic cup and she works on it often.

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I hope that it’s not something more serious but I didn’t want blood drawn and all that. She was screeching as he held her. As he checked her heart and eyes and mouth. She has screeched at me for touching her too much. The last thing I would want to do is stress her out more by blood work. If it’s cancer or something there is nothing they can do so it’s just not worth it to me personally to put her through all of that. He felt her gently and didn’t feel tumors or anything. I’d have to say he was respectful of me and her. He treated our time as just as valuable as a dog or cat. They have two small animal vets there at that location and I’ve seen both now. The other was with Bob when he fell and had a swollen inflamed jaw. Both are great. I will definitely feel comfortable with either one seeing my rodents while we live in this area.

Anyway, she has perked up since having her probiotic and I used a syringe to drop water into her mouth which she licked happily. Her balance issue is keeping her from being able to drink water even from the bowl of water I have out in her hospital bin containment.

I just keep putting a little fresh vegetable and fruit in there for her and organic babyfood that has a mix of chicken and vegetables (no onion or garlic flavoring). And just hope she continues to improve. She is my youngest hamster. She just turned a year old. So, when I began to worry she was dying I was really surprised as my older hamsters are fatter and more active than she has been for awhile.


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