Penny at Rainbow Bridge

Penny at Rainbow Bridge Penny Lane is watching down from Rainbow Bridge. This was a picture I made to explain to my 4 year old what has happened to her. I keep looking at it. It’s my MOST favorite picture of Penny. It encompasses her completely. Her personality and beauty. She was always so robust and so full of personality. I will be thinking about her a lot for a long time. I am on and off feeling normal and distracting myself and being upbeat and then feeling dark and disturbed at other moments. There is a closure and yet a feeling of being haunted right now that makes it hard to be completely at peace.


6 thoughts on “Penny at Rainbow Bridge

  1. I am so very sorry for your loss. Truly.

    I know it is not much of a comfort really but I started writing blog things and editing bits and pieces for the blog when I lost Nutty. It was the only way I could cope. Keeping busy and distracting myself from this huge hole in my life. Even thinking of him now, hurts so much. Just keep doing things, it does help.

    Stay strong, you gave her the best life ever and she gave you memories that will be with you forever

    Run free little Penny. We will meet you again over the rainbow bridge.

    ~ Amy

    • Thank you so so much . It is a comfort. And I have a feeling I will be posting a few more posts about it. As my first hamster loss as an adult it seems like I have to wrap my head around it.
      Also side note : Today somehow wordpress took you off my follow list. Very strange. I fixed that!!! Couldn’t lose my daily dose of piggies!!!!!!

    • Thank you so much. Hamsters might have short lifespans compared to some pets but a year was really just too young. Even for a hamster. 😦 I feel so robbed.

      • i understand. my first syrian was a senior when i took him home and i only had him for six months. he died six months ago and i still think of him and mourn his death. it really doesnt matter how small a pet is. but the old cliche of focusing on the “good” is true. otherwise, there would be no way through the bad.

  2. Oh my gosh I am so so sorry to read this! 😦 For such a little being she had a huge character. She had the best life with you xx

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