Kabobs always a hit with the gerbils

It’s been too long since I showed off my gerbil boys! Lennon and Mercury. Or made a post about them in general. I am around them the most of my rodents and yet I post the least about them!





My gerbils are often bored. I seem to not take enough time coming up with new enrichment for them. But let me tell you! I cannot find a decent gerbil forum to save my life. One that actually talks about set ups and toy making. Ideas!!! I need ideas! Gerbil communities seem to focus on breeding. There seems to be less discrimination in these forums and groups I find for most matters. They aren’t as concerned about gerbil nutrition either. Pretty much they love their gerbils. This is very obvious. But it doesn’t make for much of an educational, inspirational or helpful group. It’s another “hey look at my cute gerbil babies” group.

SO I really have to google long and hard on images to get ideas for gerbil enrichment other than toilet paper/loo rolls. Find nothing! So I just stick to the kabob toy as a standby. I made an assortment of chews for them. And last minute cut a cup out of an egg carton and put Cheerios and yogies inside it for them to work to get to. It was a hit! I like how polite my boys are. They always take turns.


4 thoughts on “Kabobs always a hit with the gerbils

  1. Idea – Would this work for gerbils? One Christmas, I made popcorn and cranberry garlands for my rats and strung them throughout their cage. They loved it.

    If I did it again, I would skip the cranberry, not that they didn’t love the cranberries, but that it was messier to work with.

    • That sounds great!!! I wanted to do this with the kids for our tree this year any way. I could make a little garland for them too!

  2. A great gerbil forum is The Gerbil Forum. Its not all breeders at all and you really get help with them. They were a life saver when I got my boys.

    There are lots of DIY projects for gerbs on it.

    A great toy is a paper bag. Take it and stuff bedding in it and yummy treats and they will love to tear into it. A box works for this too.

    Or make the toys out of craft sticks.


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