How to catch a loose Hamster or Gerbil!

I was cleaning cages late last and realized once I got to the bookcase cages that Snow, my Roborovski had managed to push a toy against the partition and escape again! He either had just gotten loose that evening or the late night before. So I began to do a check in obvious places. Found tiny poop trails. Knew he was most likely camped out in the hamster room as that is where he smells all familiarity. By now he must be hungry and thirsty.

I heard many a time about the bucket trick and wow does it work!

I used a little plastic trash can that I had just bought from the Dollar store and hadn’t even used yet. I propped it high on my 1 year olds boot. Then placed one of their ramps against it. Placed a toy of his beside the ramp as I knew his own scent would draw him near if the scent of fresh food and treats inside the can didn’t.

I felt confident even though I never have had to do this before (always find my lost hams quickly). So I snapped a photo of my trap just for this purpose of posting and helping others who may be in this situation one day.

There was no point cleaning the rest of the cages when I had a hamster to catch and so I had turned off the light in the room and left. I curled up in my bed with a good book. Took less than 5 minutes. I could hear a slight “shroooooomp” sound and then a loud nibbling being amplified by the walls of a cylinder can. I knew immediately.

I grabbed my phone to snap the triumphant photo and headed right across the hall and of course!


Boy was he a happy camper to be back in his home. As punishment I have removed all his escape tools. And pressed other toys to the very back of the cage. He doesn’t seem to care that some of his toys are gone. He burrowed tunnels in his bedding, ate, and drank for a half hour after I put him back.


5 thoughts on “How to catch a loose Hamster or Gerbil!

  1. What a little stinker poo Snow is! Glad to see that you were able to catch him successfully:-) I guess he likes the taste of freedom!! I love the picture of him in the middle…he looks like he knows he’s in trouble;-) lol

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