Roborovski’s get a cage makeover

I needed some serious cheering up in the hammy room. I go in there and someone is noticeably missing.

So I picked up from last night when I was interrupted from cleaning the bookcase cage for the Robos due to one being AWOL as discussed in the previous post. Ahem!

I am glad Snow distracted me because last night I would have done humdrum. Tonight I did color. I gave them a toy and hide out change out too. So far they seem pretty impressed. Gave them a little excitement in their life.

Snow’s up close :


And Patch’s:



3 thoughts on “Roborovski’s get a cage makeover

  1. It is so fun to make up their cages, isn’t it?! I notice you have the spinning saucer for your hammies. I have pet mice and thought about getting them one because sometimes they like to run together on the wheel, which ends up with 2 mice going in different directions, thus nowhere, or someone getting flung off. I was concerned about the safety and comfort of it. Do your guys like it? Do you feel safe with it? Any advice is much appreciated 🙂

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