Piggie Sitting


Meet Thor! This cutie is spending Christmas with us! I am getting firsthand experience with Guinea Pigs and I adore him.


December 2013 Shout Out for TotallyHammie & Moxie Hamstery

I haven’t done a shout out in awhile for blogs or youtube channels. TotallyHammie has been the most recent find. She has super cute Bin Cage set ups with how to’s for DIY hamster bin cage signs and hamster toys. One of her most recent videos was a neat little video that shows her recent haul but in it shows the diet she feeds her hamsters and the daily servings she provides for them.

There are a lot of hamster channels out there but some just shine over the rest.

For blogs or Facebook I want to give a shout out to MOXIE HAMSTERY – she has a website as well that I believe I’ve called attention to in the past but her Facebook is also where you can get a lot of photo and video treats of her adorable Roborovskis! She is an educated and experienced breeder with pure lines. And vicariously watching her little cuties grow up is a joy.