IKEA Hack Caging, Sharing Kerri’s Custom Hamster Caging.

I am so excited to post this!

My friend Kerri has a way with DIY. She has made some fabulous Bin Cages for her hams. But she decided to go even further by the conversion of IKEA shelving and tables (yes tables!) into magnificent, classy, attractive housing for her hamily. Her first hack was with IKEA Billy Shelving. She converted the Billy into a home for her first dwarf hamster Smudge but it is now home for her Chinese ham Pippa. That was awesome enough. However, recently she created her dream cage for her Syrian Darwin by converting the IKEA Lack Table! And this has blown me away! She was so kind to allow me to feature her work onto this blog. Most of you know how I adore creative, lovely hamster housing. So, it being my friend I am exceptionally thrilled.

Below are photos showing the red & white LED lighting, a link to her tutorial showing how she made the Ikea Lack Table cage (the Billy Hack for her dwarf is the cage on top of the Lack Table cage and at the bottom of this post I posted links for that too) and her video tour.

kerri cage

For a Full Tutorial on how she made this cage visit Hamster Central hamster forums – CLICK HERE FOR HER POST. 

And the video Cage Tour which I had been waiting for not so patiently for after seeing her pictures!

Her IKEA BILLY HACK CAGE for Dwarf Hamsters
If you are interested in her IKEA BILLY HACK for dwarf hamsters (the cage on the top of the Lack Table Hack cage here is her post on that one at Hamster Central Forums CLICK HERE

And a video of her IKEA Billy while beloved Smudge was still alive *sniff*
This video also shows the awesome platforms she made with wood dowels and other converted IKEA products.


3 thoughts on “IKEA Hack Caging, Sharing Kerri’s Custom Hamster Caging.

  1. Awww…this looks great!! Thanks for the spot light:-) You know me…if I could do this for a living (and really make any money) I certainly would! Too bad there isn’t too much of a market over here for this:-( We could blend our DIY skills together & have such a great company! 🙂

    Sorry my pictures are so horrible…I’ve never been good a photography! Maybe that should be my next endeavor. lol

    Also love the fact that Smudge got a little cameo in your blog post! *sniff* Miss that spunky girl SO much. Gigi reminds me so much of Smudge!

    Thanks again! Great blog post…but they always are. 🙂

  2. Oh my goodness. That was a lovely cage tour. I’ve always been amazed how hamster owners put up with those small doors. Your slide out doors remind me of a Critter Nation. And, I must say being able to open the doors wide makes life so much easier. And, of course, thank you for the shout out for RittlesNBittles on Etsy. P.S. I absolutely love how the cage becomes a piece of living room furniture. It lets the little guys be part of family activities which is so important for socialization. And, I expect that the extra storage space below is extremely convenient. Didn’t Kerri have to attach a shelf to the bottom “table”? or did the IKEA furniture come with the shelf?

    • Betsy, the IKEA Lack table comes with the shelf!!! :-). It was perfect!! All I had to do was lower it a little from where they suggested in the building specifications.

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