Preparing for Transit!

I have been stressing out about the hamsters and gerbils with the upcoming move over the summer. We will be taking 30 days leave out. So, for almost 30 days we’ll be homeless. In that time we’ll be visiting family. Traveling over halfway across the country and stopping for the night in hotels. And then we’ll arrive at our destination and set up home in a hotel for however long it takes for us to find a good house to rent in area.

This military life …it’s not for the weak. You have to have a nomadic spirit.

So, in anticipation of this I have put ALL rodents in bin cages. Their travel/temporary homes. I wanted them VERY adjusted to their cages ahead of time. They are all older. Maybe even considered elderly. And not as active as they were. So, I do not feel too terrible about it. But they are ALL in smaller quarters now. Still above and beyond the ASPCA recommendations but short of the RSPCA standards. However, I do the best I can. I can’t fit their huge cages into my van and cannot carry them about in them from hotel room to hotel room. And I will not put them in small travel cages for over a month. This is a happy medium.

The gerbils have been the most difficult to figure out. They have to have a topper. This much I know. They bury their water bottle and food bowl and sand bath (potty) so all those things must be in a topper. And they enjoy their topper. I can’t take it away even for a travel cage.

So, I googled bin cages for gerbils with toppers and found this very helpful post at the Gerbil Forum.

And this was my version of it. Thanks again to the person who posted their gerbil bin cage with topper idea!



4 thoughts on “Preparing for Transit!

  1. Don’t feel bad at all for putting them in smaller bin cages. Anyone else would have brought them to the animal shelter or put them on craigslist. You are doing what you must to take all your hams with you and to keep them safe on your journey. You provide them with everything and more that they need and care for them as you care for your human kids. You’re a great animal mom. Best of luck to you and your family.

    • Exactly – the military community has developed a VERY bad name concerning pets. The ditch the pet and move thing is seriously a stain!!!! Thank you very much!

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