Bob and the TP

The kids enjoy watching Bob a lot now that he is downstairs. He comes out surprisingly a lot these days. I gave the boys shredded toilet paper to put in there for him and a toilet paper roll and they had a ball watching him pouching it for his nest.


I had the camera tilted on this last video thus the sideways angle.


Bob’s natural set up – Petsmart haul

For several good reasons we left our doggie Chloe with my parents. But oh do we miss her! My elder son was just becoming fond of feeding her and brushing her. So, to help him transition we moved Bob downstairs and set him back up in the 40 gallon aquarium and now my son feeds him and helps change his water and gets to see him whenever he comes out to drink or eat during the day. It has really helped. It would be nice to be able to keep Bob in this tank for the travel for the move but hopefully it won’t be too long a limbo.¬†

photo 1 (7)

I was so excited to get this house from Petsmart today! It is from the National Geographic line! It’s so darling. They have two different sizes in the store. This was the larger one and it’s perfect for a Syrian hamster.

photo 2 (8)

I have wanted one of these Cork tunnels for a long time. And I happened to find one on clearance! I was beyond excited by this stroke of luck! It’s a really large and nice piece too. Bob loves it. Excuse the reflection of a colorful kid toy on the aquarium glass.

photo 3 (3)


Right now I don’t have a natural looking container to use for his sand box. It has to be very high back because he backs up high to wee. So, I camouflaged it somewhat with rocks for him to wear his claws down on and driftwood.


photo (3)


Lastly, I found this metal water bottle hanger on sale. It looks great for the natural look and works well. A good haul from Petsmart today!

Strawberry Fields Forever in our memory

Strawberry, you were my first hamster as an adult. And you were my eldest son’s first pet of “his own”. He and my husband loved you from the start. You remained both of their favorites despite how many more hamsters we adopted after you.

You were a nipper in your cage because you were assertive about what is yours and what isn’t mine! But once you were out of your cage you were an absolute sweetheart. You were never a very active hamster. It took half a year before I ever caught you running on the wheel.

Of all the hamsters you were the most excited about change. You liked for a change up of your toys to keep a spice in life. And you are the ONLY hamster I’ve had in all my life – adult and childhood – that loved the hamster ball. I think you could have rolled and rolled for hours if I had let you.¬†

When we first brought you home I got you one of those overpriced, tiny Critter Trail cages because I didn’t know better. The last time I had had a hamster was the Syrian’s in childhood who I kept in old glass aquariums. I had no concept of cage sizing and what was appropriate. I joined a hamster community because I had an inkling I was absolutely “out of date” and lo and behold I gathered a wealth of information. From cage to tank to bigger cage to bin cage. The first bin cage I’ve ever made was and remained your favorite cage of them all.

You loved climbing the meshed window to get a treat from me. And your favorite treat of all time was meal worms. Especially, live. I know I should have crushed the heads of them as they might bite but you LOVED to forage for them as they wiggled. You were a predator more than prey animal! You seemed to naturally know what to do – biting their heads first before pouching them. Smart cookie!

I found you this morning I was cleaning the room for company to come over and I had this feeling. Normally I don’t check on you hamsters before evening. But with all of my rodents I have had a “sixth sense” about you all which has been very fortunate many a time. This time my inkling being correct was a very sad revelation indeed. There you were curled up and adorable in little terra cotta pot that was on it’s side. You looked so peaceful. Like you were only sleeping. So cute too. No hint of any suffering. Just as though it was your time. I always assumed you were older when I adopted you. That you had been in the shop a long time as they were anxious for me to adopt you particularly. You were always on the lazier “middle-aged” side. We’ve had you almost 2 years. You lived a very good, long life for a hamster. We were so fortunate for the time we had and that you had a peaceful passing. No one could ever ask for better than that.

Play well with our fellow dwarf friends’ Roxy, Smudge, and GiGi, and most of all with our very own beloved Penny at Rainbow Bridge.

strawberrystrawberry 2strawberry 3strawberry 4strawberry 5strawberry 6strawberry 7strawberry 8

Bob’s Bin Cage – preparing him for our big transition.

As I posted before my family and I will be moving from Maryland to Texas in the late summer or early fall. Between now and then we have a lot to do so one of the first things I got out of the way was the bin cages for all the hamsters and the gerbils. Bins take up less space and travel safer. I had to go smaller for everyone. But I have to be able to fit them all in our vehicles and hotel rooms for up to or over a month.

I posted the Gerbil’s bin with topper. Now this one is Bob’s. He is my long-haired, satin cream Syrian. He is approximately¬†16 months old. Based on my guestimation he’ll be 2 years old in July.

Periodically I change-up his toys but right now he has a suspension ladder, one customized hammock lovingly quilted by Rittles N Bittles on Etsy, two platforms – one of which is also a house. And a space pod hang out. His 11” Wodent Wheel, and a wooden ladder to reach one of his platforms.

photo 2photo 1

Under one of his platforms is his litter/sand box I made out of a plastic ice-cream container. I cut out a section for him to hope in. The rest remains enclosed and there is no top to it. It’s long and plenty of room for him to move about but narrow as well so it doesn’t take up as much space as his corner litter pans always did. I also have his water bottle in a ceramic holder from Petco because the velcro kept coming unstuck on the sides and his bottle would fall. I got tired of that.

photo 3photo 4


It’s a 110 QT Sterilite container. It looks smaller than it really is. But it’s definitely smaller than what he has always had before. But he seems alright about it. Of course once we actually travel I’ll be taking a great deal of things out for his safety. And putting them back in place once we arrive at our final destination. For now though I have it set up to give him more space and more to do.

Look what has come to American Retailers!

Look what has come to American Retailers!

Charlie Chinchilla bathing sand is in America! I bought 3 boxes from along with a couple bags of Gerri Gerbil (which is also from the same UK company as Charlie Chinchilla). I didn’t get free shipping as I didn’t buy enough stuff but even with shipping adding – the amount that I did have made each individual item of my stuff inexpensive compared to buying things of less quality in the pet stores around here. I love this online store! is another favorite of mine. It’s where I buy bulk EcoBedding (Crinkle paper) and Carefresh Complete Menu Hamster food in bulk for cheap. I tend to get free shipping there due to that.