Strawberry Fields Forever in our memory

Strawberry, you were my first hamster as an adult. And you were my eldest son’s first pet of “his own”. He and my husband loved you from the start. You remained both of their favorites despite how many more hamsters we adopted after you.

You were a nipper in your cage because you were assertive about what is yours and what isn’t mine! But once you were out of your cage you were an absolute sweetheart. You were never a very active hamster. It took half a year before I ever caught you running on the wheel.

Of all the hamsters you were the most excited about change. You liked for a change up of your toys to keep a spice in life. And you are the ONLY hamster I’ve had in all my life – adult and childhood – that loved the hamster ball. I think you could have rolled and rolled for hours if I had let you. 

When we first brought you home I got you one of those overpriced, tiny Critter Trail cages because I didn’t know better. The last time I had had a hamster was the Syrian’s in childhood who I kept in old glass aquariums. I had no concept of cage sizing and what was appropriate. I joined a hamster community because I had an inkling I was absolutely “out of date” and lo and behold I gathered a wealth of information. From cage to tank to bigger cage to bin cage. The first bin cage I’ve ever made was and remained your favorite cage of them all.

You loved climbing the meshed window to get a treat from me. And your favorite treat of all time was meal worms. Especially, live. I know I should have crushed the heads of them as they might bite but you LOVED to forage for them as they wiggled. You were a predator more than prey animal! You seemed to naturally know what to do – biting their heads first before pouching them. Smart cookie!

I found you this morning I was cleaning the room for company to come over and I had this feeling. Normally I don’t check on you hamsters before evening. But with all of my rodents I have had a “sixth sense” about you all which has been very fortunate many a time. This time my inkling being correct was a very sad revelation indeed. There you were curled up and adorable in little terra cotta pot that was on it’s side. You looked so peaceful. Like you were only sleeping. So cute too. No hint of any suffering. Just as though it was your time. I always assumed you were older when I adopted you. That you had been in the shop a long time as they were anxious for me to adopt you particularly. You were always on the lazier “middle-aged” side. We’ve had you almost 2 years. You lived a very good, long life for a hamster. We were so fortunate for the time we had and that you had a peaceful passing. No one could ever ask for better than that.

Play well with our fellow dwarf friends’ Roxy, Smudge, and GiGi, and most of all with our very own beloved Penny at Rainbow Bridge.

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5 thoughts on “Strawberry Fields Forever in our memory

    • It was certainly unexpected this morning. I knew he was getting old. He was slowing down SO much. But just yesterday he was still alert about treat time just like always. No indication he was deathly ill or suffering. He was just normal despite elderly. But I know that he is in peace where he is now.

  1. Oh Stormy…I am leveled to tears to hear that Strawberry got his angel wings today:-( He was such a spunky little character with so much personality. It is comforting to know that he seems not to have suffered and was peacefully welcomed to the bridge. We, as furry owners, are so blessed with the time we have with our little ones. Little bodies with HUGE personalities that bless our lives for the fastest of fleeting moments. Just remember…you will ALWAYS be…strawberrysmom! ❤

    Play well at the bridge, little Strawberry! Enjoy your time with Penny, Smudge, Gigi, and Roxy. Send you mom a few rainbow kisses every once in a while, till you meet again. xx

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